Monday, August 12, 2013

Let's talk about me! Teacher week!

That title reminds me of the Toby Keith song " I wanna talk about me" (country fans should know the song I am referring to) I don't usually like talking about ME, makes me feel weird, but since it is teacher week and I want to join in on the fun I will do it!! However, I am short on time today so I am going to cheat take a short cut :P I posted awhile back for the Liebster award a little about me so I am going to take some info from there! :)

1. I am OCD- personally and in school. I need things to be on an even number, like the TV volume and radio volume. My hubby loves to put it on an odd number and see if I notice...I do....every time! Sometimes it takes us awhile to just get out of the house because I go around checking the doors and plugs a gazillion times, usually an even numbered of times. Although I have gotten A LOT better about that..I think.. I am the team leader for my 1st grade team so I like to think the OCD comes in handy most of the time ha!! maybe we should ask them eh?
2. Met my husband on the internet. Christian Mingle! I blogged about that HERE..interesting story..

3. I love 80's music!
4. I went to a state competition in basketball for shooting when I was in middle school.
5. Played a 4 hour game of tennis in high school as a freshman to qualify for state.
6. Have the most AMAZING family EVER!!! Love them to pieces!
7. I love uplifting others and trying to do nice things for them.
8.Grew up in the country, 1 neighbor over yonder....seriously ya'll..we had to go "into" town!
(here is a picture of the time it snowed in TX....say what?!?!?! yes it did A lot!)

9. I have TMD- missing cartilage in the right side of my jaw :( so it has popped in and out since middle school.

10. Have three amazing doggies that I love so much, even when they are naughty.

My sissypoo is an amazing photographer!!!

Well that's about it folks! Hope I didn't bore you too bad.....can't wait for the rest of the week!!

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