Monday, September 2, 2013

First week down!

How is it possible for the body to forget in 2 months just how bad it aches after standing all day with 24 little friends? I always forget how quickly the first week especially the first day goes by. It amazes me too just how much the human brain can handle. All the things we have to remember as a teacher it all seems to come together. God's creation is undeniable! I did not take any pictures the first week, teacher blog 101 already not followed sorry. I have to get in the habit of taking the camera up until I can get a new phone. I'm still living in the 3g world of iPhone. The camera on this dinosaur is not up to par.

The timing of a three day weekend comes perfect with the conclusion of the first week.I needed time to recover from crazy town. No big projects at home have been accomplished but we have had a relaxing,fun weekend.

So my hubby and I made a food compromise. I am part Italian and heart carbs and sweets like nobody's business.   But carb overload and sweet blood sugar spikes aren't the best for everyday living. I married a health nut. As he was eating spinach literally out of the bag when we would Skype I would be downing Cinna Stix with icing dripping. Soooo after marrying someone who doesn't eat sweets and hates carbs ( actually is gluten free) I found a new road of watching what I eat.
Anyways a girls gotta have what a girls gotta have, hence, the compromise. If I eat healthy for two weeks I can have a binge day to eat something/anything I want. Well this weekend I came upon my binge day! I have to carefully and strategically plan what it is I want to have, I don't have time to mess this up!

Behold Nestlé Tollhouse Cookie Creamer........
3 scoops of cookie dough ice cream with sugar m&m cookies between each scoop!!!!!!!!!!! I ate it before church so I'd have time to process all that yummy goodness!

Now I have to start planning my next day in two weeks! I am thinking IHop's cinnamon pancakes!!

Ya'll have a Blessed week!!

PS. Since we are talking healthy here (haha)....don't forget to link up if you do have a quick healthy recipe you'd like to share with others! It can be a Pinterest find or an original recipe!!
Thanks to Susan over at for linking up!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a good first week. I know what you mean about getting out of the habit. My first week of school my feet ached at the end of the day from standing so much, not to mention my lower back. I am now four weeks in and I think I am just now starting to get adjusted.


    1. Wow four weeks already! My kneecaps were screaming on the first day haha! Weird place to hurt...

  2. Hi Ashley! I'm with you on the sweets and the carbs - that's how I ended up on Weight Watchers. It's great that your first week is over, and you lived through it! It must be AWESOME when your binge day comes along!

    1. Susan, yes binge day is AWESOME!! Thanks for popping by!