Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sickness and catching up!

Hi friends! So only 3 weeks in and the germs found me early this year! I woke up last Monday night at 3 am and let's just say the bathroom was my BFF for 3 hours and into the next day :( I have had swine flu before but I think last week took the cake! I lost about 3 lbs just in two days! No bueno. This weekend was finally when I felt fully myself, yet was still weak because I went to play racquet ball and got winded a lot faster than ever. Maybe that was my sickness for the year over with early on!

I can't believe we are going into the 4th week of school and progress reports are due this week too! Crazy town! We are working hard on writers workshop and readers workshop ! There will never be enough time in the day though because we also are pulling the kiddos individually for reading assessments ( yes plural) and a math assessment. We are also using a new system for lesson planning and needless to say it has been interesting trying to learn it and get used to something new,especially when we feel like there is so much new stuff to do this year. But it's getting easier and each day will get more efficient!

I am trying to take pictures throughout the week to post with ideas and such but with being sick and trying to play catchup it's been hard to post regularly. I think this week I will set aside time specifically for that!

Y'all have a blessed week!!