Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stick a fork in me I'm done....and is that Fall I feel??

 What a busy busy week and such a productive weekend! It will continue to be busy though since I am starting BOY parent conferences next week.

So to get started from last week we are learning about matter and we got to discover and make observations with the matter boxes I made. Each table group gets a box and they get to explore the matter inside and discuss with their tablemates what they are noticing using their 5 senses about the matter. They loved it!! I really try to get them to use that science language as much as possible. (observing, solid, color, shape, size, texture etc) It was so cute as I was walking around to each group as I was walking away I heard a kid say "Ok lets be real scientists and observe this matter, maybe we need to waft it to see if we smell anything."
Before the weekend even got underway I drove up Friday after the long week to this sweet gesture from the mister!

So as I said this weekend has been really productive! We have projects to do around the house that haven't gotten done (building handrails for the deck, putting up the new light fixture for the guest bathroom, organizing the garage, painting the movie room) but we still have accomplished other tasks. the most important thing was it was my BINGE meal again!!! I was even overdue too! I am getting so good! We went to IHOP! Hubby even joined in and had some too. We had red velvet pancakes! Yes people you heard that, RED VELVET! I asked why we didn't have those at our wedding since it was a morning wedding...We also got the, always delicious, Cinnastack pancakes. All of this was drizzled with icing! We did have eggs and bacon so I didn't feel as guilty haha! I can't even describe the deliciousness that entered my belly.

We gave all the pups a bath (which is a feat with two 75 pounders), cleaned the house, laundry is done, my hubby is in the process of building a computer (loves DIY'ing himself) and did I mention it is actually COOL here?!?!? I wanted to run in circles this morning when we got out of the car at church! Of course in true Texas fashion it has warmed up during the day but still I will take it!!! I actually got to wear my boots too!
Church was great as usual! We are doing a series on marriage and I am always an advocate for bettering marriages and keeping God the center. Our pastor used a good phrase "Seek your #1 (God) with your #2 (spouse). So true!

I worked A LOT on school projects for the upcoming week as well. I will be ready for a break this evening to watch me some TEXANS football and maybe drink some hot chocolate ha! (I know its not that cold here yet but I feel like if I act like it, it will come true faster)

I made a small moments poster to use with my kiddos this week. I am new to the whole Lucy workshop so I want to be as prepared as possible. I  am going to laminate and be able to write with dry erase into the empty boxes.

I also made the "How to write a story" pieces.

I made a "Ask an expert" poster to help my kids when I can not be at their service. I will laminate it and write a child's name on each line who I have designated as the expert for that particular concept. then they can see who they need to go ask before they see me. Yes there is an "I'm done" expert because everyone know how much I LOVE hearing those words from the sweet lil darlins. :) Right Mrs. T? (you know who you are )

We will also be going into Schema this week and connections. I made the reading salad cards to model with the kiddos.

As far as decorating for Fall I could go into debt doing that so I try not to as much as possible. But I did get some really cute and colorful pasta at Homegoods (Favorite store EVER) and put it in a glass jar to have in the middle of out dining table. It's pretty Fall-y I think!
Well folks, I think that is all I can muster today. I don't ever have time during the week to blog so the weekend is overload! Before I leave here is one of my lil monsters to wish ya'll a BLESSED week.

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