Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A heavy heart

I write this tonight with a heavy heart. A dear teaching friend of mine passed away suddenly this week. When I heard I felt my body go numb. Is this for real? My
mind flashed back to when I taught her son and took my classes to her in library, and all the conversations we had in the 3 years of knowing each other; life, love, and especially faith. She was a woman of God and always a joy to be able to share that part of my life with. She was a sounding board when my life was changing and she always had some kind of words of wisdom. My heart aches not just for the fact she left this earth so early but for her boys. She loved her boys. She would have given them the world and you could always tell in how she spoke of them, to them and how she treated them. She was one of those people you wish you'd known longer. When she left the school I taught at we stayed in touch as much as possible. Unfortunately busy life gets in the way and my last interaction with her was in person at a retirement reception for our principal. I didn't even see her and she came up and tapped me and hugged me and we just caught up. It was nice. She looked so happy. I know people pass away every single day, but when it is someone you know it just hits a little differently. This is when being a christian and faith really is put to the test. Those natural questions run through my mind: why would God let this happen? It's permament. It's so sudden. Her boys. Her light she lead in a world of darkness...... I've got to seek even harder to understand that His plan is always a path to trust. It may seem riddled with questions and why's but he always has us in the palm of his hand. It makes me refocus my priorities and think back to high school when I was involved in a roll over car accident that could have easily taken my life. A week later the same type of accident took the life of a dear friend of the family only a year older than myself. I really struggled to understand then and that was a major growing step for me in my faith. I will probably never understand and it may not be for me to understand , only God. Life is truly short and until we can join our father in eternity, being part of this fallen world will be a struggle. We have to work so hard to be that light and spread the word of The Lord and not take a second for granted. Easy to say, harder to be done as a human full of sin. What can you do to make that happen? 
Marty you will truly be missed. I know God has gained an amazing angel and I pray for your family and boys to be surrounded by loving people and for God to embrace their hearts and minds. 

In school news: we have had two snow days in the last two weeks. So I say "snow" loosely;) I saw something white fluttering around for a total of ummm 5 minutes and I think it melted before it hit range of my eyesight! Ha! Well that just puts everything at school into hyperdrive. I can't imagine ya'll up north who have to be out more than that! Small blessings. Although I won't lie it was nice to relax, turn on the fire and unpack my boxes from moving. 

I had one of my little friends help start separating my cubes by color. Why has it taken the OCD queen so long to do this? Good question. The other great part is she is one of my teammates kiddos and she hangs out in my room after school and is always happy to help with my little jobs ;) now I see why teachers have kids hahaha. The hubster probably wouldn't volunteer for this job ;) 
I'm cooking up an idea to use for next year for math bags. I'm going to get one together and will share :) 
Speaking of OCD: Need I say more? Yup that was quickly taken care of when I walked in this morning :) 
Maybe this shows my age but I found this on Netflix ( yes just discovered netflix and broke down for a subscription) and yes I watched an episode on my snow day! Oh how I miss being so little. 

Well friends, tomorrow is Thursday and I wish all of you a great rest of the week and an amazing weekend. Remember gives thanks and be grateful for the little things and give God the glory in all things. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,and he will make your paths straight. 
Proverbs 3:5-6


  1. Beautifully said! Marty had her angel wings long before she left Earth:-/

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