Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hump daaaaayyyyy!

 Full moon today???? Enough said......

Will be back again one day soon... I have a 25ish page packet on landforms in the works!!! I have no internet yet at the new casa so it's been tough to blog, work etc... I feel so behind but will update soon with some good stuff!! 3 day weekend soon friends!! Small blessings ;) 
My sweet baby sums up how I feel lately. Worn out ;) but I know with my Heavenly Father he will push me through!! If you feel the same keep comfort in that!! 


  1. Do you LOVE that hump day commercial, too? My son was talking about it yesterday and showed it to me on youtube - the one with the camel walking around the office. I guess the people where he works quote the commercial every Weds. as well as act it out. It is pretty funny.

    1. Yes! Love that commercial! Makes me laugh. Thanks for stopping by!!!!!:)