Monday, September 1, 2014

1 week down! A new product! 3 day weekend!!

So a week of school has flown by! Needless to say I am perdy tired. Thank goodness the three day weekend arrived so quickly! I am thankful to be able to be off and relax but the hubs had to work today :( So thanks to him and everyone else who had to labor on this labor day.

I really need to be better this school year about not forgetting to take pictures during the day. Things get so busy I always forget then do it after the fact or just don't do it at all. That is my new school year resolution! Now ya'll hold me to it! haha.

New year means less time to create goodies. However, I have a folder on my zip drive called "In Progress" that I can go to during those times the Mr. is playing Super Nintendo. Yes folks, that's correct, old school in tha house! Well, when he is occupied it gives me a chance to work on the computer. I am trying to balance the "have to do" list for the classroom and the "in progress for TPT" list.

I had put this together last year for us to use when we taught place value. I wanted the kids to have a more concrete way of showing their work and seeing it with manipulatives.

Click HERE to explore it!

I also wanted to share a few other things I have made!
My font notebook! I wanted to be able to keep up with all the fonts I have and know which ones I need to add credit for and which are free etc. 
I just typed the name of the font using the actual font and categorized it.  I then created a cover of course "cutesified".

New earring holder:
I finally spray painted the cheese grater I bought! 

Since it was labor day and I am trying so hard to be a proper house wife and Martha Stewert....well maybe more Betty Crocker?...I decided to go to the grocery store on my day off by myself....that normally only happens in the summer time, I usually make hubster go with. Well I thought to myself, "I bet everyone went on Sunday so they could grill out for Monday." I was way was ridiculous...I mean don't people work?! in the midst of the battle of the carts and the "I'm going to talk on my cell phone and stand right in front of the exact product you need" I forgot many things on my But I did get fresh blueberries! So I made a blueberry dump cake/tart/bars...easy peasy! I got the recipe from my mom who got it from online (go figure) 
Here goes:

Literally what you see is all you need...although the sugar is optional and I didn't add it this time. The cake mix already has sugar in it so its a bit healthier leaving the extra out. 
1. pick any fruit (I have had it with strawberries too and it's DELISH)
2. Put fruit (washed) into bottom of a pan.
3. Sprinkle some cinnamon and 1/4 C. sugar(if you want the sugar) over the fruit.
4. Pour the cake mix over the fruit (I didn't use all the mix either so it would be less "cakey" and more fresh fruity) 
5. Melt the butter and pour over the cake and fruit.
6.Set oven for 350 degrees and bake for 30 minutes.
7.Take out and let cool.
8.EAT! You can also spray cool whip on top if you like that.


Have a BLESSED short week!!

Be the hands and feet of Jesus. If he calls you, he will empower you.

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