Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Never too young for a face lift!

You are never too young for a face lift ;) Whaaaaa? I am talking about TPT goodies!! I gave my Number of the Day a face lift! I revamped it a bit and added a TON of pages to it. This year while we were teaching number of the day it got to a point that we needed to challenge them a bit. One of my teamies suggested giving them "clues" instead of the actual number and they would have to investigate to figure out what the number might be. GENIUS!! This has really proven to help challenge them with their numeracy. We want them being VERY fluent when they leave us ready for 2nd grade. Just since I made the number of the day I have noticed a growth in my kiddos. The best part is the kids LOVE it!! So I added the clue cards to the resource so the kids can use it in a station more independently.

One way I will use it: I will print the clue cards onto card stock, cut and laminate them. In the pack there are clue cards up to 99 and I also included clue cards from 100-120 for those kids that are ready to go triple digit. I will keep those separate so they can graduate to those as needed. The kids can take their number of the day response sheet (I have it in a sheet protector to let them re-use forever) and a baggy of the clue cards and go to town being a number detective. They will pull a card and write it in the correct spot on their response sheet. This is their clue and they will need to decide what to do to find the actual number of they day. 34 pages of applied practice at your fingertips you can re-use every year with little prep work!

Click HERE to take a look!!!

That's all I have for now unfortunately I have been fighting what I like to call a cold...so I think...downing some airborne as I type. haha she never gets old!

I did get a new guided reading hat at HEB recently!!! I found it as I passed all the crawfish gear! Could not resist.

I will be back soon! 
Have a BLESSED night!!

PS. I don't condone face lifts at any age especially youngins ;) 

"And the Lord will be king over all the earth. On that day there will be one Lord- his name alone will be worshiped." Zechariah 14:9

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