Saturday, October 29, 2016

Five for Friday-New Product, DIY, Non Fiction, Contractions, Praise!

So can ya'll believe it is almost November?! Crazy!! It has been full steam ahead lately over here! My brain feels a little tired so a quick link up for 5 for Friday is all I have for now!

I finally was able to pull together a little Halloween activity pack. This is my first holiday related product and it was fun to do! I have some more ideas for some others I hope to get started on. My original plan was just to go into the first grade classrooms and just do a read aloud for the teachers on Monday and then that spiraled into creating a fun activity to do with them afterwards, which then turned into a mini packet. However, I have some meetings going down on Monday so I am not sure if I will make it all around. But I am going to TRY! 
Here's a little overview of what is in this:
-Dog template to create craft
-Give Oscar a new costume
-2 Story element activities
-Book review
-Text to Self Connections
-DIY Word Family Sort
-Trick or Treat (true or false)
-Create your own Trick or Treat
-Verb practice
-Verb cards
-Story element cards
-2 Odd/Even sort
-Count by 5's cut/paste
-Count by 2's cut/paste
-On/off the decade practice
-Place Value 

Click HERE to check it out! 
I am also doing a Giveaway for it until Sunday October 30th over at my FB page

Project fun!
I've used my little machine more this year than I ever did in the classroom...weird and crazy but finally! 
Here are some fun little projects for others I have worked on recently.

Our 3rd grade has been digging deep into Nonfiction lately! 
After they worked on the the Ladder activity (you can find that previous post here), they needed a little something for finding main idea with their NF books. I tried to put together a hand template off the computer but the fingers for the details were too skinny for them to I decided drawing it had to be done! I think it turned out pretty good for free hand and all! (no pun intended)

Then I walked in the other day and one of the teachers had taken initiative to create another organizer for them to record their info! 

Some of our teachers are teaching contractions and I showed them a quick way to do that!
-sentence strips and/or index cards (strips of paper)
-markers or pencils

The picture pretty much explains it all! You fold over the strip once you have written your words and have the folded part reveal the contraction. A sentence using that contraction can then be written on the back (if you use a sentence strip)

Our shout out board at school is in full swing! I love seeing others praise each other and pull out the good going on around them! It's so much more than just one person! Look how many awesome things are going on for each other and for the KIDS! 

Well hopefully I can be back soon with more ideas!! I know another 3rd grade teacher that has created some great Nonfiction activities for their students to do some research!

Have a BLESSED weekend!

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  1. Love your new product about Halloweiner! I entered on your Facebook page, too. Happy Halloween!