Friday, September 27, 2013

Five for Friday! More like 20 for Friday!

Hi friends!!
Wow feels like I haven't blogged in eons. Life around these parts has been crazy town! First of all where is fall?!?! Oh right it's Texas and that's almost non-existent  until November, I do have to say last Sunday when it was supposed to be the first day of Fall it did feel amazing! Then something happened :( boo. Well it is Friday! Weehaa! Lots to do this weekend and catch up on. I finally got a new phone!!!! So that means I took pictures of all the happenings. I also have some Ipads for the classroom and starting to use those as well! So I will try to pack this post to fit my link up with Doodle Bugs Five for Friday :)

One of my sweetie pies knows I love owls and she brought me this zip drive !!
We have been trying hard at writers workshop...let's just say we are no experts (especially me) but we are trying!!
We have been studying our major organs and finally finished our shirts!!
They made the heart,lungs,stomach and I forgot to keep their brains (made out of macaroni and glued onto a template and put on a sentence strip to wear as a hat!)


We have our reading and writing walls up and running and utilizing them daily as a reference!
Finally here are some classroom pictures now that we are cruising....

I have printed out some 120 charts and various practice activities and put them in plastic sleeves. One way I keep them organized and teach the kids to put them back correctly is with labels. I just wrapped a small label around the top and when the kids are done using them they can locate the color of label where it belongs. :) Helps me too!
Set up listen to reading in a plastic crate. The only cords out are the headphone cords. The crate helps keep the other cords that plug in tames because I slipped them through the holes at the back! :)
Calendar area! Number of the day poster is very helpful to teach core number concepts. You can grab yours here :) You can build upon the concepts, it is ok if the kids can not do it all at once. You can gradually release certain concepts to them.
We work with building words and one way I keep the kids letter cards organized is with a jewelry hanger. There is enough space for every letter!! Also makes it easy for my teachers helper to put away the cards for me.
Clothespins are turned to protect the innocent :) I use a stick for a way to track behavior. They each get a clothespin and it has their name and number on it. They start out on green everyday. They have a chance to move up to "owl" which means they have been "owlstanding" (ba-da bum) they LOVE this aspect. Then as you are probably guessing its gets uglier the further down the stick you go. :P They do have a chance to move back up if they can fix that particular behavior. This goes everywhere with us so they are held accountable no matter where we are. I also started using Class Dojo today too! People! This app is AMAZING!!! if you haven't checked it out you have to! It gives the kids points for positive behavior choices and take points away for  negative choices. It tracks their behavior day to day and it is a great accountability tool to show parents or have for data etc. It was just my first day today but I am sold. Now they know if I forget the stick (which rarely happens because they always remember) then I will have the Ipad with their points. I am thinking there might something else positive to happen for those friends who can get 10 points within the day.
So that wraps up my week!! Hope you enjoyed the visit. Now off to get chores accomplished before my parents come see me!!
Have a blessed weekend!!!
"Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." John 20:29