Monday, June 9, 2014

2 Month Randomness

When I saw this linky I knew I had to link up! Mainly because I have not blogged in 2 MONTHS!!!! EEEK, slacker! So after all that time, all of my happenings are all over the place and random.

Our baby chicks hatched back in May and they were adorable as usual!

We were studying fairytales for a long time and here is an example of an anchor chart I made with my kiddos.

The castle my amazing student teacher made last year for me! She was a phenomenal artist. On the castle we write different characteristics of fairytales they already knew about and as we read fairytales throughout the week we would add to the castle what else we noticed.
The chart below is what we would fill out together after reading a particular fairytale. If it had that characteristic we wrote it on a sticky note (b/c I am lazy "energetically declined" when it comes to re-making anchor charts each year.) so after we could pull it off. Yes, it is color coded to the titles of each column :)

A little project I decided to do after moving to the new house and having room in my closet. This was my kind of project, cheap and EASY! Basically bought a cork board and some cute fabric, covered it and stapled it to the back. I hot glued these super cute buttons onto tacks and VOILA!

After studying nonstandard measurement I had my kids do a little project with unifix cubes.
I call it "Length Dots"
All you need is: paper, ruler, pencil, unifix cubes, imagination, colors (optional)
I had them fold their paper into fourths and draw their boundary lines. Then they made 3-10 dots randomly around the section of the box they were working in. They then took their ruler and connected the dots anyway they wanted (some can be open figures and some were closed figures).
After connecting, they took their unifix cubes and measured how many cubes each line was (to the nearest cube, but I had one who wanted to practice 1/2 so of course I let her!)

Some made pictures and some were just random connections.

So of course as I am packing up my room for the summer I can't help but organize and clean out as I go along. Makes sense to me, so I don't have to do so much when I unpack. I have had my mom save these plastic dog food containers for awhile now. She was just going to throw them away and I just knew I could use them in the classroom!
I take off the plastic label just by cutting.
I organized the lids by color :) and placed them in an ice cube bin.
Obviously I have plenty.
I have used them to store manipultives, supplies etc!! So if you have a dog and they eat this kind of food, keep the containers!! You can use them anywhere! Of course wash them :) Dog food already makes me gag, especially wet dog food. I hold my breath every time I have to feed our THREE doggies. :)

I also organized my organizer's sad really. I obviously have had a breakdown on my OCD moments. I mean I am a hoarder of storage bins!!! HELP! I can get rid of everything else except these! I LOVE the colors and especially when they are cheap, it makes the addiction worse. The sad part is this was not all of them....I still had some actually serving their purpose in the closets (holding and storing items)

Ready for SUMMER!

Way random, but really want these built for bedside tables! How cute are they?! I adore distressed furniture and that is basically all our furniture is now! (I don't know where I found this because I just saved it straight to my desktop...if I find the source I will add it :)

So we had this reptile show come and he brought all kinds of fun reptiles and just so happens needed some volunteers for this particular one...yes it is a 10ft...and yes it is wrapping around my leg (hence the sketched out face) All in all, it really was not that bad. She was very smooth and gentle. However, not smooth and gentle enough for me to host any exotic reptile shows.

I have not bought a yearbook since H.S. but had to this year! I had a full page spread! How exciting! Probably the only time I will, so I scooped one up!

We also practiced weight recently. They had various items to measure (rice, salt, sugar, water etc) They had to predict how many cubes it would take to balance out and then count out their actual measurement. They loved it!

Finally have a wreath for our door! Wish I could say I made this one :( but didn't, it was a gift my husband brought home from one of his patients. Beautiful! I am in the process of making friend Alissa and I decided to take on the challenge that seems to be so easy...well it definitely takes a lot more burlap than we thought and a lot more time...maybe b/c we are newbies but we definitely thought of easier ways.

Well I think that is all the randomocity! (I think I just made that word up...) Today is the first official day of summer break!! As always I have tons on my to-do list and just hope I am motivated enough to conquer it all before August!!

One goal: To learn how to use my Silhouette Cameo!!

 So if anyone has any tips, tricks, or websites that are good for newbies let me know!! :)

Ya'll have a BLESSED week ahead!!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above." James 1:17

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