Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Two NEW products in one day!!! and a FREEBIE!

Man two posts in two days!! I am liking this summer thing I have going on. So finally I have finished two products that have been in the making for awhile now :) YEEHAA!

1. Rockin' Landforms
click here to see in TPT

This is a 24 page packet full of goodies to help integrate writing, math, reading and social studies while teaching landforms!
A little bit about it:
 It focuses on 6 main landforms: hills, mountains, valley, canyon, cliff, and island.
I have included the following types of activities to help you teach:
-writing definitions/characteristics of each
-matching the name to picture
-identifying the type of landform and labeling
-Count, Tally and graph
-Writing response with question stems
-landforms book with fill in the blanks (answer key included)
-Guessing game

I have also included a page of suggestions to help with understanding how it is intended to be used. However, feel free to use it according to your kids needs!

2. Bodacious Bodies of Water (name compliments of the hubs)
click here to see in TPT
Same concept as above just now 5 main bodies of water.
And since I am so proud of myself and feel like doing something nice :) I have included a FREEBIE page from each packet!!!
 (listening to people cut into our new walls is giving me anxiety-we are getting the cables run behind the walls for the TV. I walked in there once and saw what was happening-I grabbed some caffeine and shut my eyes)
Click the links below to grab yours!
If you like the freebie or even end up getting the packet, I would LOVE to hear feedback so I know how it goes :) Feel free to leave comments on here or TPT. I even will survive constructive criticism ;) 
"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it." John 1:5

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