Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Currently July and new product

Welcome to July people! Can you believe it? I mean really can we send a memo to time to maybe slow down a bit...I remember when I was little time would D-R-A-G, I wanted to be able to stay home alone, eat whatever I want, not take naps (oh how I misjudged those) get my driver's license, go to college, graduate, have a real job (ha! little did I know the reality and responsibilities of adulthood), get married etc!!! Time never moved quick enough! Now I want it all back! I want it to slow down!
I thought this was funny when I saw it and probably will want to buy it ;)

So instead of taking a nap I am going to link up with Farley for Currently July!

Listening: at that particular moment it was Imagine Dragons, but I have my phone on Itunes radio so it changes artists :)

Loving: Hubs! It was our 4 year anniversary on Thursday!! What a blessing he has been!!

Time to create!!! Oh how I love my new Silhouette Cameo!!! AHHH I am slowly learning how to use it and the first time I printed and cut well it was a disaster, I picked a picture that had a million pieces and didn't realize it would actually cut EVERY detail if I didn't edit it....I spent the next 25 minutes trying to pick it all up off the sticky mat :/ BUT I googled some more videos (isn't YouTube awesomeness?) and finally figured out some settings! Voila my project that worked! I was so excited. I see a lot of projects in the future! 

Thinking: On Saturday one of our dogs suddenly became very very ill. Like in a matter of 10 minutes! We rushed him to the vet and stayed there 3 hours and $350 later didn't have a real answer, although the vet was VERY thorough and helpful. Long story short, we think he had a heart attack and possibly found a tumor in his abdomen :( It got so bad we thought we might have to put him down. We prayed for him, and over him SO much! We haven't been through something that serious since being married, we both agreed it really brought us closer. We definitely leaned on each other and prayer. We really trusted God's will would be done and accepted (VERY hard to accept he might be taken from this earth) whatever the outcome.Lots of tears and lack of sleep later we decided to give him another day to see if he would recoup and PRAISE GOD he did! It still is sitting with us but everyday we've seen improvement. Now we have to really monitor him and his activity level. Our other pup Max is kind of sad he can't rough house anymore :( 

Wanting: Something unhealthy! Oh how I have tried to be sooo good. We have a cruise coming up and I know I will probably put myself in a 24 hour food coma on the ship (room service anyone?)! I don't want to feel like this...

Needing: Yes my nails....I "accidentally" chewed them off again (AWFUL habit) and now trying to grow them back so I am not completely ashamed when I go get them done...I don't think they can do nubs...haha

4th plans: We are seeing my parents  and grilling out! It's my birthday on the 5th so we are celebrating together!!! I am going to be 22 :P (you know the whole time discussion we had above? I am winding back that clock haha)

My friend Alissa and I FINALLY finished our wreaths we have been working on for eons. Supposedly the YouTube video we watched was a "ten minute" wreath...not for beginners people.

So since I have been home watching over our little Buddy baby I have had some time to work on some labels for math rotations. I went to a guided math training recently and got real motivated! I wanted to go ahead and make the label cards I will use for the math rotation chart. I included various types so the could cater to different people's preferences. Maybe you will find them helpful! 

Click HERE to check them out in more detail!

Well that's me currently~ If I don't blog again in the next couple days..I hope everyone has a BLESSED 4th of July!!!

" Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and make me willing to obey you." Psalms 51:12


  1. Great blog - I just found you through Farley's currently
    Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips


  2. I just found you through Farley's link-up! I love love love your wreath! Teal is my favorite color.
    Wearing Jamberry nail wraps has helped me to stop biting and picking at my nails! If you want a sample, let me know and I can get you one.
    I love your cute chevron blog!
    Enjoy your summer!

  3. I love love love your wreath!!! I am a wreath maker myself! Love the cross and turquoise! I am a nail biter too! I have to get my nails fixed if I want to not bite them. I am thinking of going today to get them done.

    I need a tutorial on how to print on Silhouette. I have one and love it but haven't created anything like that on mine!! You rock!!!