Sunday, November 2, 2014

Currently November and some updates

So I am linking up with Farley for the Currently November edition!

Listening: I love listening to my lovey play his drums! He is so talented!! And it also is giving me a chance to blog which I feel I have neglected horribly lately :(

Loving: I know some are already enjoying snow. but I am just thankful we have some cooler temps here in the Lone Star State. I actually got to enjoy being outside and working in the yard, taking a walk and leaving the doors open!! It's not everyday I can leave the doors open here people!

Thinking: I have already had two glasses of tea and an energy chew and I still can't kick it into gear...for some weird reason Friday after the long week I always feel motivated to work on stuff and then dang football, reclining couches,cozy blankets, and my hubs on Sunday just does me in.

Wanting: ok yes I am one of "those"'s like a switch goes off inside of me when November hits, cooler weather sweeps through, and I have access to Pandora's Christmas channels. I slowly am already putting things out...I have good reason, last year we were in the process of looking for a house, selling a house and boxing things up I never got to decorate and really enjoy the holidays, so I am taking full advantage of it now!

Needing: I think I am always saying this every Currently I have ever done...

Reading: I don't normally have a chance to read just a bunch during the school year, I usually save it all up for breaks and summer. However, at church the other day the book of Daniel was mentioned and I have never really dove into that particular book so I am a little each night!

Moving onto other news:

We have been working really hard on Missing Part(addend) in math. This always seems like such a difficult concept for the little ones, it can be very abstract. So I really try to make it fun for them by enlisting their help as math detectives! We were already being reading detectives for inferencing so it coincided well!
We used the part part whole mat to work hands on alot. We teach them to look at what they do know and lock that in their head and "punch out" on their fingers until they get to the whole. For the mat I had them write the whole with dry erase marker first so they could see what their goal number was. Then they put the part they knew in the first part section in red. After that, they put down yellows one by one counting until they said the whole. I had them count the yellows for their missing part and then bring them all up to the whole double check it was for sure the total they needed.

On an organizing note: 
I just wanted to share how I store extra supplies I have so I can get to them quickly when the kids need something. Warning: I have an addiction and will go crazy at the beginning of the year when those things are on sale. I literally have stuff from 3 years ago because I buy it cheap and then will wait until I am desperate to use it haha...some of it is what the kids bring in from their supply list and I can distribute that stuff faster since it's theirs. (the clear divided plastic bins I got at Ikea )

I have some things I have made recently I want to share soon! That will have to wait until another post though..hubs just came in and informed me we need to walk to CVS and buy eggs...

I hope ya'll have a fabulous BLESSED week!!

"The Lord is close to all who call on him,yes,yo all who call on him in truth. He grants the desires of those who fear him;he hears their cries for help and rescues them." Psalms 145:18-19


  1. I agree with you about "thinking about energy". Even though we got an extra hour, I'm feeling extra tired today!! :)
    -Lovely Nina

    1. Hey Nina!
      Thanks for stopping by :) Will head your way to check out your blog :)

  2. Hello fellow Ashley who also teaches first grade! I too get warm and fuzzy when I see supplies at the store! And you weren't lying-you are REALLY organized!

    1. haha I am...a little OCD ;) Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. I enjoyed reading your post! I am glad the weather is cooler myself! We are also working on missing addends in First Grade and it is such a difficult task so far!

    1. Thanks Cindy!! Glad you enjoyed it. :)