Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday scoop!

Happy Sunday!
Just a quick update on a few things before I have to go get started cooking something that's edible for our lunches this week :)

First time linking up with Teaching Trio for the Sunday Scoop!!

 All pretty self explanatory, I'm living on the edge people haha...I digress

So I had an incident happen in my classroom about 2 weeks ago and it was epic.

*GASP* yes someone drew on my bookshelf! I had to do a double take because MY kids would NEVER! Right?!
Well I proceeded to ask if anyone would like to be honest and let me know who did it or if they did it themselves...of course they didn't  have to say it in front of everyone but could discretely come see me....crickets....hey I have hopes..

So since its my all amazing "fun friday" shelf it was going to be shut down until I found the culprit :)

One of my sweet little friends from last year was distraught over this as well and decided to add her own sign haha

So it went on like this for about a week and Fun Friday was quickly approaching and still no word...I kept thinking...ok I have worked so hard teaching them about honesty and having good character why oh why? lol I was NOT giving in..I wanted justice! Well long story short I found out...not by the persons own accord a friend "ratted" them out in passing not even knowing it. Once I did ask this sweet little friend I eventually got the truth and all normalcy was gained again for everyone to have fun friday YAY! All in all this offender did not do it out of naughtiness just kind of impulsive haha...

My sister is helping me to redo our master bedroom!! We are picking out paint colors for the wall and decor! I can't wait to start- helps she has an interior design degree!

ok this is going to blow your mind! I promise- so my mom and I stopped by the new CVS near my house yesterday looking for a lice kit....another LONG story....well we saw a sign for the leftover Halloween candy was 90%off...too good to be true? NO! We grabbed a basket when we saw what kind was was there not a mass hoard of people knocking each other over for this sweet gold?! So here I am at the checkout and the HUGE bags of family size candy you can get at the store for like $13.00 were $1.49....YES that is correct. I can't even go to the Dollar Tree and get two boxes of candy for that. I paid $8.40 for ALL of this candy! ALL!!!! Then I looked at my receipt afterwards and it said I saved $77 dollars! I almost fainted! It was such a rush haha I had a natural shopping high and didn't even eat one piece.  oh the little things.
Then I came home to this sweet muffin watching football with my dad. 

Lastly, I finally finished another product for TPT..I had a lot of time this weekend so I was able to sit and stare at the computer for awhile! We are teaching verbs and I started just a few little pages for my team to use then it kind of got out of control into a complete unit on past and present verbs ;) 
29 pages of various activities. Take a looksie! 
Click here!

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think." Ephesians 20

This has rung true this past month for myself and my family. We lost my grandma very recently and it has been very difficult on all of us. My sister and I were very close to her and she helped raise us along with my parents. I prayed every night that my dad's heart would be healed and protected. He is so strong but I knew this was difficult for him. My heart broke for him- it was his mom. We have always been a very close knit family, and this just proved that. God wrapped his arms around all of us and provided the strength for everyone. I didn't really talk much about it except to them and my husband mainly because I normally rely on them and God to help so I just pushed forward at work and knew he would provide the path and strength. I keep wanting to call her her throughout the week to chat like I used to and that will take some getting used to. Finality of things are very hard for me, even being a believer and knowing the glorious outcome of leaving this earth. Still hard to wrap my head around, I had just spoken to her 3 days prior. I talked to my husband about how nonbelievers deal with the sadness and difficulty's of this world. What do you have if you don't have the Lord to lean on and go to and know he will provide his will? My heart breaks for them and pushes me to pray for that so maybe they will be lead. 

Hope ya'll have a BLESSED week!!!

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