Saturday, December 13, 2014


Hey friends,
So I am on overload- school and home- it has been so cray this past month and a half. With my grandma passing away, selling and buying a new car, Christmas shopping, end of the year wrap up with school grades, planning etc,getting lice (yes its true)...needless to say I am looking forward to some slow down time to decompress and refocus. I am trying not to get caught up in the business side of things and all the to-do's of this season and just take it all in stride and enjoy each moment, the beauty around me. Not to forget the real reason for the season and a very special birthday coming up! The reason I even breathe and are able to pull through tough times. 

So I hope you enjoy a small re-cap of the past few weeks.

 We went to the Texas Renaissance Festival over Thanksgiving and everyone there seemed to have something to say about my shirt...mainly because it was Saturday and I was “3 days late” for hump day...well I didn't put just a whole lot of thought into my outfit, we didn't have a chance to actually dress up all medieval. Anyways, we came upon elephant riding and.CAMELS!!! HA! In their face it was Hump Day after all!!!!

We also came upon the Hocus Pocus witches! I watch that movie every Halloween. I couldn't get over how much the one in the middle really looked like Bette Midler!

We held a Thanksgiving feast with our team and brought all kinds of yummy goodness before we left for the short break.

I also made some sweet/salty treats for my friends to let them know I am thankful for them! (I know the tape looks pretty sloppy but I was rushing)

Some management tips!
Our school started this management technique this year called “Tardy Tater”. Every class gets a Mr. or Mrs. Potato head and anytime none of your kids are tardy to class you get to add a piece to the head. When the head is full your kids get to take it on announcements and show it as well as get a certificate. It really works well fostering the motivation to be on time.

Yacker Tracker I have had this thing for 7 years now and LOVE it! I use it all the time to help keep the kiddos voice levels under control during certain things during the day. I put it up high so they can all see it. Whatever the level needs to be, I put that particular light on. For example, if we are testing I put it on red. If they are buddy reading or working independently I will put it on yellow for whisper and green gets used every so often when we are group working. You can also change the knob to change colors automatically for you depending on the level of sound in the room. It’s wonderful!!

Go Noodle I am sure everyone and their dog know about this already. I have been doing it since last year and just now getting around to blog about it. We do brain breaks throughout the day to keep the wiggles at a minimum and to re-load our brain. They LOVE it! And best part for me is it is FREE!!! No dolla, HOLLA! If you haven't checked it out, it is totally worth the time and well worth the few minutes of stopping your teaching. 

Something I have posted before on here and on TPT are my Fun Friday coupons. 
Throughout the week we are power packed into learning so many new things and working on all kinds of various activities that on Friday afternoon I feel like they deserve a bit of a break to enjoy themselves and be kids, get to do things they don’t have a chance to anymore in school. So on Friday morning I write all the activities I am checking that day and want/need to be completed for the end of the week. I write the assignment and the kids magic number up on the easel for the kids that have not yet completed those particular things and do not have a Fun Friday coupon yet. That way they know personally what it is they are lacking for being checked off my list. When they finish an activity they put it on the corner of their desk signaling to me they want me to check it and if it is done top quality then I check them off my list on my clipboard and they get to go erase their number to get their pass. 
It really has cut down on me even having to remind them or dig through their desks looking for stuff. I still have the occasional friend who has not mastered the art of OCD organization and will have to complete their work during that fun time :/ but for the most part it really has worked to motivate them to look forward to that time during the day when I say “If you have a Fun Friday coupon please hold it in the air!"

OH yea did I mention I had Lice!! AWFUL! 1st time EVER..never agian..

Click here to see the coupons

I hope everyone has a BLESSED week!! You can do it!!!

"But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus-the work of telling others Good News about the wonderful grace of God!"
Acts of the Apostles 20:24

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