Friday, December 4, 2015

Five for Friday! with a FREEBIE

It has been ages since I have linked up for the wonderful 5 for Friday! Well here I am! 

BIP (Beierle's Important Person) has been a hit this year again!
Click here for the full post of what this all entails.
I made these little certificates to celebrate them!
I also print two out- one for them to take home like this and one to put on our BIP Owl of fame wall.
Check out my Facebook page to see weekly BIP's in action! 

This year I decided to gather all of the parent resources I use at conferences and throughout the year and combine them all in one spot to make it really easy to access in a pinch.

I bought two expandables and made one just the original copies I use.
The second one I am using for the extra sets I have made so I can just grab and give as needed.

Writing workshop....oh always a work in progress and I don't mean just for the kiddos...but for this teacher as well! I set goals for myself that I think I need to work on throughout the year. I wanted to start giving more feedback other than just verbal so I started using the small sticky notes as I walked around and picked one thing I was seeing the student doing that was great or an improvement. I write it down and put it in their journal to keep. 


This little one's pictures make me smile. She always puts little details in them to just go a bit further.

Documentation.........paperwork.......never ending! I know, but also serves good purposes. I wanted to track their sight words this year and just see how it goes for myself but also for them to see as well as for the parents. I created some graphs based on our districts sight word expectations each nine weeks. 
After testing them, I graph in how many they mastered. I do one at progress report and one at report card to see the growth. 

If I am really pressed for time I just draw a line at the number. I know, lazy selective participation in my own work haha!

Another option I am trying is writing in the words that maybe they still don't know within the space to remember.

We have been hitting fiction really hard for the past 9 weeks. Teaching them that good readers ask questions while they read-before, during and after is an objective we work on. I made this anchor chart to use when teaching with our mentor texts. Before I read the book we wrote down some questions we had. About mid way through I stopped and had them turn and talk with their buddies to ask some questions they might have at that point. They shared out and I wrote them down. I also helped facilitate that as well with pre-made sticky notes I made to remember some key questions. After reading, we were left with some lingering questions to write down and ponder. 
After writing this I realized I spelled Lilly with one l....but I also have a sweetie with the same name that spells it with one l so I guess I'll chalk it up to that ha! whoops!

Go grab this poster as a freebie for a limited time! Once I get some time off I will be adding to it for a mini packet!

Have a BLESSED weekend! 
Christmas is just around the corner!! I know life can get extremely busy and stressful this time of year -Let's not forget the real reason for the season! 


  1. I love your idea about the expandable folders! I hoping to keep things better organized during the second semester!!!!

  2. It is so important to reflect while we teach. I also have a really tough time getting enough feedback to each writer in my classroom. We don't have enough time!!