Saturday, February 27, 2016

Five for Friday....randomness as usual!

A little sight word practice-
One of my word work stations is sight word "go fish". This is typically a favorite and helps practice reading their sight words. Recently we took the same exact station and turned it into sight word spelling, but now one person is the student and the other is the TEACHER! Hold the phone! They get to be the teacher?! Oh the simplest things! It's so simple and there is no other prep work either. They grab the same cards from the station and a dry erase board and go to town teaching. One kiddo aka the teacher calls out words to spell and the other spells them. If they get them right they get to keep them if not, they put it in a "we need a little more work on this one" pile. Yes, in good teacher fashion I hear them giving each other helpful advice on not giving up but just practicing and trying again. 
I know you are probably thinking...."uh Ashley...this concept has been around since my great grandma was in school." well probably so, but sometimes you have to go old school right? Other than just write them in their notebooks. Not to mention it is still teaching partnerships and sharing and taking turns and using words of encouragement, the list goes on. It may not be rocket science but it makes them happy and works on the goal. 

We worked on sequencing again this year. This interactive pocket chart (Really Good Stuff) is a great way to get the ball rolling and have them practice. 
I have them come up and put the cards and transition words in order telling us what and why they are putting it in that particular order. After it is all up we check it together making any changes needed. I then write while they verbally go through the sequence, writing what they tell me.

Then in our Whole Brain style we practice reading it! 

If the video doesn't play above- go HERE to watch it!

To have some independent/partner practice I give out these sequencing picture cards (Really Good Stuff again) and they put them in order. They then write their sequencing story in their journal using the sequencing words and illustrating. When finished, they read it aloud to me and/or to the group. 

For friends that might need a little guidance with handwriting I will have them tell me out loud what they want to write and help me count the words while I put lines in highlighter for each word. This way they can focus more on the concept of sequencing practice and creating the story rather than putting all their effort into the spacing since that was not the exact concept I was looking for. 

Quick word work organizational tip!
I am constantly changing up certain ways I organize things if I haven't found the perfect OCD way...imagine that...
I also don't like to have to switch out word work weekly or daily and mess with sooooooo much paper and sorting. 
So this is how I solved that problem:
Enter these beauties....Are they not amazing?! 
First off, when you are a container hoarder and love bright colors too then that might become a problem. 
Anyways, once I found these I knew I had to have them and bought way to many sets just enough sets.
I then went through all my files I had for word work and picked out the ones I liked the best to help practice their sight words and word families each week. I chose 6 activities. 

I placed one activity per container with ALL the necessary supplies the kids would need to complete the activity. I also created an example of the expectation of finished work for each activity and placed it in a sheet protector along with a master to keep in at all times. 
All they have to do is GRAB and GO! 
No more digging for supplies and stringing things all across the room and interrupting any reading groups. 

I have my word work experts help let me know when the activity is getting low on supplies and we pull it for a reload. 

I cannot tell you how easy and amazing this has made my little OCD heart. 
The kids also have an easy time managing it and not wasting too much time- but can get settled and working quickly. 

The other amazing benefit is these never technically have to be EVER. Unless I wanted to add to the stations or switch out. The only things that change from week to week are the words they practice. 

DIY idea:
So my teamie had to get her, not so wise,wisdom teeth out recently and being the panicked person I am with anything medical got to thinking about how I could help ease the stress of this process for her. Well, one night as I was stressing for her I started thinking of a care package idea or a survival kit. I knew she'd be hopped up on pain killers and not able to do much. 
This is what I came up with:
Magazine- to relax and read nonsense
Heat/Cool heating pad- for any aches and pains
Nail polish (her fav color and a neutral one)
Gift card -to get Ice cream
Gift card for spa-for when she felt better and wanted a recoup day

I got it all together and instead of a basket or gift bag I had been eyeing this workout bag at the gym in her favorite color and snagged that to put it all in!

Then of course she needed a prescription from her favorite doctor...ME!
I typed it up-printed it out and put it on the top!
Wah-Lah- A Wisdom Teeth Survival Kit

So we finally finished our biography books we were writing about a friend in class. I looked over the shoulder of one friends page to find this little writing gem.....Bless him...and Bless her when she reads it. 

Well that is it for now! 

Have a BLESSED weekend!!!

Let's focus on HIM!
He's kind of a big deal....

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