Friday, March 25, 2016

Five for Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday! And what a beautiful day it was!
Let's jump right in! 

We worked on poetry and specifically alliteration. First we used our own names with a verb to practice getting the hang of it. They each came up and wrote their name and as a class we thought of a verb that had the same beginning sound. 

The next day we revisited the poster and mirror taught our buddy what alliteration was. 
I gave each kid a sentence strip and they used their start of alliteration from the poster to expand it and make an alliteration sentence.
Below are some examples they came up with!

During our little spring break trip we were ordering at a restaurant and I noticed there was some alliteration on the menu haha! See kids, learning all around you in real life eh?
Maple Sugar Seared Salmon Salad

Since we had today off we still were able to squeeze some free time in. Instead of "Fun Friday" we ended up having, what I like to call, "Thrilling Thursday". Here is a peek into all the shenanigans they get to take part in after working like champs all week.

A little bit of Easter Egg card making

 Lego time~ those happen to be mine from when I was a kid #kidtoyhoarder

 These friends literally bring a tupperware of action figures and toys and keep it on my shelf for events such as these lol and then we of course need ramps and such to play on so we opt for a box lid from my recycling. 

 I found these connectors in the Target dollar spot. 

 Of course it would't be a classroom without teachers. Mini-me's in training

And a contest for world's longest unifix cube train.

Number of the day is going swimmingly this year and I have really seen a lot of growth in their number sense. 
Click here to grab this resource!
I pulled a small group to introduce the "clue cards" (in"clue"ded, no pun intended, in the packet). 
Basically, once they have developed enough background and knowledge for number of the day I stop giving the actual number and then give clues so they have to use their numeracy to find the number of the day. I created the clue cards so they can be used in small group or stations. They can choose a clue card and go to town. 

I created it in separate sections- up to 100 and 100-120 for first grade. The whole pack goes up to 199 now! Once laminated I separated the two so I can adjust for the kids as needed. 
They fit in baggies of course BUT....

They fit more beautifully in these lovely tubs.  

Since it was the last week of the nine weeks and we were wrapping up grades, math rotations were in full swing.
Here is a look:

Math Duel- if you have not downloaded this for your kids you should- they love it! It practices their facts.

Geometry blocks

 Roll, Double, Tally, Graph: I threw this together to help them practice their doubles, tally marks, and graphing!

 Computers: this week " Money Fruit Splat" from Sheppard Software: they have to count the money total on the screen and splat the fruit that has the total inside. 

 Money problem solving:
I wanted to also focus on getting some problem solving in but also showing them ways to model their thinking.

 My example

Kids work
Money word problems are from Kaitlynn Albani!!


Organisms, Food chain, and Interdependence
Once I taught about how animals and plants use their bodies, habitat, etc in order to survive we got to work creating our own animal. It could be an animal that already exists but with a spin to it, or a made up animal. They had to draw it and make sure it showed how it defends itself from other animals, where it lives, and how it might get food to survive. 
Here are some of their creations! 
It amazes me daily what they can do when they put their mind to it and you lead them to push themselves!

 After that, we learned about the food chain. We used this poster (included in my FREE food chain pack on TPT) to help us learn each definition. 

We then use our whole brain gestures to teach each other.

ANNNDDD blogger is being picky right now about my uploading sooo I had to post the videos on my facebook page. Please drop by to take a look at how you can use gestures in your classroom for science!

Have a BLESSED Easter!!!!

He is RISEN!


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