Saturday, April 9, 2016

Five for Friday!!! Reading, Math, Videos!!

Does it seem like Friday keeps coming more frequently lately? Just me? 
Well I am linking up with DoodleBugs for another wonderful Five for Friday!

We've been working on Fairy tales! I might have mentioned that already?! I feel like I might be losing my mind slightly here at the end of the year. ha! 
Anyways, take a look at what we've done!
Wrote letters to a character from our fairy tales. This also incorporated teaching them the parts of a the letter as well and having them apply it! 

We enjoyed buddy reading some of our very own LEVELED fairy tales! Swoon! Did I mention they are LEVELED?! Meaning I can give them to my various leveled kiddos reading all over the place and accommodate for all of them!! They still get to experience fairy tales for themselves! 

You should totally look into them! They are from Fountas and Pinnell. 

We then practiced our sequencing as well! 

Not complete without tracking our reading and our "noticings" for each fairytale and its "twist" book!

These just right books are from Scholastic and are perfect!!!!

Working on sight words in small group! "On the table?!" is what I heard alll week! They loved it!

We are still working on time to the hour and half hour.

I made time dice out of blank cubes I found at Dollar Tree and also a blank clock for writing and wiping. You can find that at my TPT store.

I also made some time index cards as well with different times for them to flip over and use. 

They can build upon their skills as they go. Here are a few ways to combine!
They pick a time card, use the judy clock to put the hands on it, then draw their own hands on the wipe off clock.

 Another way is to just roll the dice and then use my recording sheet to practice drawing the hands and digital time.

Again, at Sheppard Software they have a clock splat game we all played together first before using it in rotations.

A couple years ago I bought a clock stamp and started using it to pre-make some construction paper templates.  The kids can then create a sequence for things they do during the day. They draw the hands on the clock, write the time, draw a picture, and write a sentence. You hit math, reading, and writing all at once! 

 I had posted this one my FB page the other day too. The weather was SOOO amazing so we took some of our time activities outside to work! 

Friday was fun! We practiced some place value during math rotations. This time I thought it was time to amp it up and instead of groups of 3 or partners I'd try out larger groups. STOP THE WORLD! They were like "What?! Oh my gosh really? Wow we are going to have to work together even more!" 
haha! yes sweets that's the point!
I was SO impressed how they accomplished it!! My heart was bursting!

I heard so much math talk and cooperative talk and problems being solved. Welcome to real life little ones! 
Some strategies they came up with to work together: 
-Pass the card around and everyone counts to check each other
-all count together
-recheck...because "Good mathematicians always check their work!"

Here is some video of them all working together to figure out the answer.

Some other randomness!
This beauty is coming home soon! Thanks to my family! She will accompany this mini one I have from my dad!

Finally planted some flowers for our chiminea!

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I will leave you with this thought...

Have a BLESSED weekend!!!


  1. I love the activities you have for your fairy tale unit!

  2. I got so many ideas from reading your post! Your time activities could easily be adapted for third grade! I love your fairy tales anchor chart. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!
    Laughter and Consistency