Saturday, August 20, 2016

Five for Friday! New School & DIY, Oh My!

Welcome to the Friday before school starts edition of Five for Friday..or Saturday in my case. We have been working 7 days a week joke literally like 8-4 some days longer to get ready to greet our little Bison for the first day of school! Everyone has moved in and the sweet smell of construction lingers in the air! 

Which brings me to...
The first day we were able to go take boxes!!

And we have to protect the important things right?! lol

Being silly and working hard!

Here is just part of the amazing Instructional Design Area..aka literacy library aka the Instructional Coaches offices. These shelves will fill up quick with brand new resources for all the teachers to utilize!

It had been like 8 years since the last one and with the arrival of our new Superintendent they threw another one!! It was wonderful!! 

That fabulous woman above is our school namesake-Mrs. Bethke!

Some DIY projects have been happening around these parts! I have some wonderful friends I get to help out with classroom projects and get to put my little silhouette to work! 

A teacher sent  pictures of the Growth Mindset board and Accountable Talk posters she used from both of my packs! I love seeing it all come together and how other people use it! Grab both here!

As part of one of our PD days we met with Chris Biffle for some Whole Brain Teaching action! I have been utilizing WBT for about 5 years now and can see the effects daily! I have a lot of videos of my kiddos in action on my FB page. Feel free to drop by and see the little owls teach!...okay?!

Well that has been my week in a nutshell! It has been fast and furious and tiring, but oh so worth it!! I can't wait to get into classrooms and see all the amazing things happening at our new school! I will admit I am still having an identity crisis not having my own classroom, but I also love helping teachers so I am trusting God and his plan. 

Next up: A tour of my office space!

And some organizational ideas for cheap! 

Have a BLESSED weekend! 
Isn't this a daily struggle? We are human and we are flawed! Of course it is! But oh daily goals!! Let us walk the walk


  1. WOW - a new school and Chris Biffle = BEST BACK TO SCHOOL ever!

  2. haha yes it has been pretty epic! God is good!