Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Monthly Link Up-What's Your Jam? 5 favorites in 5 minutes or less

Hey friends!!
So I posted a video the other day on my FB & Instagram of my top 5 favorite things I have discovered for the month of January. This prompted me to think about continuing this each month! I have always enjoyed when people share awesome things they find that I may not have ever seen. I mean sharing is caring right? I chose 5 because it is a manageable number and there may be some months the discovering is dry. Now what is the 5 minutes about? Well let me lay the easy ground work for you! 
* I will post about my favorite 5 things and include the monthly image for you to add to your posts and join in.

*You can post through a video, blog post, or even just link up through the comments here, FB or Instagram if you don't have a blog. 

*The kicker is either mode of posting (video or typed) needs to be watched or read within 5 minutes or less. (People don't always have time to listen, watch, or read long drawn out spills, so I figured it would help keep people engaged.)

*You can share anything and everything! Apps, food, office supplies, makeup, clothes, websites, etc! 

*I will always try to link where I got things or at least say the store if I know.

*Some months may have themes too!

So what's your Jam lately? What do you love for the month? What have you found useful?

download this image above to use in your linkup or posts made via social media :)

Take a look at my first one HERE (it isn't within the 5 minute time limit this time haha that was an afterthought for future ones!)

Please feel free to share the image and link up with anyone and everyone that might enjoy it or at least finding new and fun stuff for the month!

Have a BLESSED week! 
See you again for the February Jam!! Start compiling your favorite things!

"For He called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light."
1 Peter 2:9

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