Sunday, September 25, 2016

Jennifer Serravallo's Reading Ladder-getting kids motivated with a FREEBIE

Happy Sunday! 
So since being in my new position as an ELA/SS Instructional Coach I have seen the other side. I have gone to the dark side....j/k! For real though, I have seen a whole new world...ok ok, enough movie puns...
Since I plan with every grade level and we have had a chance to start getting into the groove of things I have had many conversations with teachers about getting kids to think and respond about their reading. Many students either: A: don't know how to (whether it be from incomplete modeling or lack of experience) or B: are not motivated to do so.

Enter in Jennifer Serravallo's book- The Reading Strategies
On page 57 she talks about a reading ladder. Creating goals for kids as well as a visual for them to see where they are headed. I love this! I also like the fact that it is for any level and any genre, creating a resource you can use anytime! Especially in the lower grades the power of stamina comes into play daily. The other great thing about this idea is it can be used whole class (make an anchor chart) or tailored to individual kids so they can create individual goals and celebrations.  Once they reach the top of the ladder they get to "party".  This "party" can be something the kids and teacher have come up with together. 
Some ideas:
-read a favorite genre
-choose extra free choice book
-read to a teacher
-share with class/read to class
-etc etc etc!!
I'd love to hear your ideas! Please feel free to leave them below in comments or share them on my FB page!

Well if you know me at all I like to "cutsify" my things. #sorrynotsorry 
So I took this wonderful idea and just made it "cutsified" on paper. ;)

I wanted it to be generic enough that it can span grade levels. Of course, I recommend making this into an anchor chart too so that you can model it yourself for the kids and set the expectations. You could even use it for a read aloud and complete one together as a class as well and enjoy a "party" too!

I have also included a version that they can list the book title, author, and date as well. 

The kids can keep these in their reading journal or any other designated spot you like! 

I hope this helps motivate and give some guidance for your kids and if you have not purchased your own copy of The Reading Strategies book, you should! She also has a writing one coming out too!! 

Click HERE to grab yours!

Have a BLESSED week ahead! 


  1. Great way to make the ladders your own! For end a book talk to convince others to read your book, go to other classrooms and do book talks, share book with last year's teacher (highly motivating!) have a "readnic"-go outside and sit on blankets with great books!

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Kim! Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas! I appreciate you commenting and sharing for others to benefit! Enjoy the ladders! I would love to find out how they work for you!

  3. Thank you!! I will be sharing your reading ladder at my book study (The Reading Strategies Book) after work! And welcome to the Instructional Coach world. I am beginning my second year. :) Tammy

    1. Tammy you are so welcome! I hope they enjoy using them! Jennifer's book and ideas are wonderful, I just add a cutesy flair haha!