Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Time ideas and Easter DIY

Happy mid-week ya'll! Short week with Good Friday being a holiday! Just wanted to pop in and show some Easter DIY ideas I threw together over the last 2 weeks. This time in the year I am usually behind on getting goodies to people but I started a little early and got it all done!!

First up! EASY PEASY note cards! 
As I am putting together my little Easter goods I came across some paint chip samples I had picked up over the course of a few trips to Home Depot...I mainly grabbed them for color inspiration for the new house when we moved, but man they have come in handy otherwise. 
I decided to cut them in half and use the Easter-y colors I had. So essentially I got two note cards out of one paint sample!!! Oh did I mention the samples are FREE, not that you probably did not already know that....I then put these burlap crosses I got in a package of like 30 at Hobby Lobby on the front. I then wrote some scripture on the front and BAM! I can't wait to find other embellishments to go on the front to make for other occasions as well!

I also stuffed some eggs! I created this little printout (the size of a fortune cookie fortune) and stuffed it inside with some candy.

For these little buckets I found some Easter cups in a pack of 10 and some cute travel Kleenex and stuffed it with some candy! 
I also found these sweet little notepads that went along with my scripture I used also!

So there you have it! It's as........

Don't forget to grab the Easter cards as well!!
Click here!

Now for the classroom:
We have started time this week and sometimes it can be a struggle until it all clicks. 
I made this clock template with analog and digital and put it in a sheet protector. This way they can write the times and use it over and over again. (you can get this from my TPT here)
I also got some index cards and just wrote some various times to the hour, half hour, and some quarter hour for the kids who are ready for that. The kids will get with a buddy or can even be independent and draw a card. They will write the hands on the wipe off clock and also record the digital time they chose. They can record it in their math journal or if you want a product turned in they can record it on something like this.
(the little Judy clock picture on the outside of the index cards do not match the times I wrote on the cards, I just put them on there to easily identify my time activities. I also hand wrote the times so I had to compensate for the lack of cuteness with some clip art haha) #thestruggleisreal

Another way to use the wipe off sheet is to have the kids roll a time. I had these little cubes for a long time and never used them until about 2 years ago when I decided to write some times on the cubes. They will roll a blue "hour" and a green "minute" to know what time to record. 

After working on time for a bit I will have them complete one of these time sequencing activities. This is from one of my friends a few years ago. I use the clock stamp (teacher store) and pre fold and stamp the construction paper. The kids will then sequence something...usually their day. They will put the hands on the clock and digital time as well as write a sentence about that activity and draw a picture. 

Do your kids need extra practice with their sight words? Well next post I will show you an idea that just kind of came to me mid day (don't most of the good ones do that?!) and we tried out this week. My kids LOVE it! And it helps them practice not only their sight words by sight but spelling them too! Can I get an AMEN?! 
Stay tuned! 

Hope these ideas help you out there at some point :) I don't want to blog fluff and filler but things that matter and can be used! Let me know if you have anything you are interested in!! 

Have a BLESSED night!!!

"So when they say they don't believe, I hope that they see YOU in me."
-Thousand Foot Crutch

Once of my favorite lyrics!! Is it not so true? Our mission is to be the hands and feet of Christ while on this temporary home. Daily life can be a struggle and was not meant to be easy. I want to try my hardest to spread that daily for God, and when there are people that don't believe or "kicking the tires of faith" (my pastor says that wonderful quote) I want them to see a reflection of Christ in me.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Five for Friday and some Freebies!

Rainy Saturday to you friends! It is just nasty weather here in Tx :/ boo...so what is the cure for that? Netflix? Snuggle in a blanket? ummm HOBBY LOBBY! ha! I am trying hard to be proactive and get my Easter goodies completed before it creeps up on me.
Jumping right in...

Over spring break I had a chance to go help the church prepare for their 6th bday celebration and stuff Easter eggs for the Easter celebration coming up. I had a lot of fun! And didn't eat one piece!! 

We have been diving into Fairy Tales again this year. Here are two charts I made and used last year that were very helpful as we explored different fairy tales. We first wrote down the elements we knew they had in them on the castle. Then on the large chart we kept track of the fairy tales we have read so far and what elements we noticed. We also have the kids use a graphic organizer that is a mini version of the large chart to record their findings. 

I ordered some books from scholastic the other day and after they came in I was able to look through them. They are PERFECT for giving to the kids to use in book bags, small group, buddy or read to self! You can't tell but there like 20! and they were cheap!

We finished money before spring break and I whipped up this little assessment to check for their understanding of adding mixed coins and being able to make a set of coins. 
Click here for freebie
As I said, I am trying to be good about getting some of my Easter stuff done a little early. So I made these little cards to help with that! Hope you enjoy and can use!

Click here for freebie

Not to end on a sad note but one of my co-workers her son is missing. I can not even begin to imagine the heartache associated with something like this. However, knowing how small the world can be at times I wanted to share this info. Please cover them in prayer for this difficult time. Only God truly knows the answers and we can continue to send our prayers up to HIM so that the family may know answers as well. 

Have a BLESSED weekend! 

 "For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don't use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love. " Galatians 5:13