Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Soil of God's love....and my amazing artwork!

Happy Wednesday!

Let me first start this post with please don't judge my drawing skills. For real. I do what I can. My sister inherited the artsy gene, mine bypassed me. Bible Journaling...have you seen it? Well I have been doing it now for about as long as two shakes of a lambs tail...I am by no means at all an expert! I have seen plenty of it and I have tried really hard not to compare myself because I have learned and always in the process of learning that comparison is the thief of joy. So with that said I post this to reach someone. Who? I don't know? I may never know...that's ok...or will my OCD self stay up late thinking about it?! haha...I digress. I thought about not even posting any of this ever and keeping it to myself. I mean who wants to see  my silly 1st grade drawings and hear me chatter on about my thoughts? Well, then it was laid upon my heart that maybe one person does. Maybe I can just get it out there and someone else will feel the same, resonate with it, understand it, lean on it. Isn't that what we are  here for? To "love your neighbor as yourself." Sometimes that is tough isn't it? But all the more rewarding when you do/can!

So here I am. I guess maybe it is the teacher in me too that relies on pictures to help me remember things. I will be honest memorizing scripture has not been a strong point. Why can I remember the lyrics to The Little Mermaid..."Look at this stuff...isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete"......but that moment I need that verse I can somewhat piece it together but end up googling it or opening my bible app?! So when I saw bible journaling I was like AH! maybe this is for me and my non artistic self. #hopesanddreams I mean that is how I teach my kids- add a picture to it, make it more visual and maybe there will be more of a connection. Here's to hoping it works!

Again....please be considerate when taking in all my drawing glory..let's focus on the scripture shall we!? ;)
"May your roots do down deep into the soil of God's marvelous love. And may you have the power to understand, as all God's people should, how wide, how long, how high and how deep his love really is. " Ephesians 4: 17-18

Wow! How amazing! We truly can't fathom just how great his love is for us. I don't even think my wonderful drawing (ha!) can even touch the surface.
My hubby and I love to pick weeds..I know I know we are super exciting! lol...but the best part is when you pick that one weed and you yank and pull and the whole root comes out and it is like spectacularly long and you squeal with delight that you were able to get that bad boy out of the soil...anyone?! No? Just us? Well trust me when I say its a satisfying feeling ;) See now every time you pick weeds you will think of God's love and just how deep those roots go for YOU! All for YOU! Now like a plant, of course, it needs to be watered. The great thing though too about his love is it is unconditional. Even if your end dries up a tad and your soil starts to pull away from the pot (all my gardeners out there??) Just add some water and HE will in turn fill you up! He knows our hearts too! You can't fake it till you make it. The challenge as well is trying to anchor your roots deep for others. As sinners we have the tendency of course to carry conditional love. You might be scared to grow your roots into certain soil...but this is where the faith enters and grace, HIS grace takes over. Our lives on this earth are always in a constant process; changing, and forming our hearts and minds for our permanent home. Even if you stumble you have a Father that anchors you deeply in HIS soil of everlasting love!

There it is. One person hopefully will benefit. Everyone of course benefits from the artwork. ;) More to come hopefully if I don't get intimidated to share again!
Have a BLESSED night!


  1. I think your drawing is just perfect! And I do a little happy dance (inside) when I pull out all of a weed's root! Sara

  2. Thank you Sara! I appreciate your kind words for my drawing ;) It means a lot you took the time to read my post and respond. Thank you!! I'm also glad you get enjoyment from pulling weeds haha!!