Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Easy, Healthy, and oh so delish! In 5 ingredients or less!

Are you like me and loathe cooking? No? I probably am the 1% of the population that basically just loves to eat but hates the prep work. I would think that after having a stay at home mom who basically taught us our way around a kitchen that it would have rubbed off or something...or something eh? Now I am so very grateful and blessed to have been able to be raised on good home cooking but it just didn't seep into my bones to want to do it myself lol. I just really need to be in the mood too. And you can forget about any recipes that have more than one ingredient...haha just kidding, but for real, it needs to not be a very intricate recipe. We do a lot of crock pot around these parts. I am a dump, stir, wait kind of girl at the end of a long work day. Well, crock pot does get old too after awhile and I need variety so we decided to branch out. haha. This easy little chicken "stir-fry"ish recipe is super easy and very tasty!!

-ground chicken (2 lbs is what we do to have left overs)
-chopped broccoli (fresh is best-but we had frozen on hand)
-Riced cauliflower (substitute for rice-my friend showed me this and it is AMAZING!)
-salt/pepper/onions/butter (to taste) 
-olive oil (we use avocado oil)

1. Toss some oil in your skillet
2. Brown your chicken
3. Dump your broccoli in and stir
4. Sprinkle in your riced cauliflower and stir some more
5. Sprinkle in the salt/pepper/onions/butter as needed and stir

It should only take about 10-15 minutes maybe 20 including browning meat time. You can tell when that meat is good and cooked.
We also love to sprinkle cheese on top while it is still hot!! 

The great thing is the oil, butter, and the riced cauliflower makes everything moist and creamy. The best part is this is low carb from not using actual rice and high protein with your veggies included!! YUMMO! See what I mean when I say I am a low maintenance gal when cooking. Well and my hubby was the one who whipped this one up too! Love him! 

Let me know what you think of this if you make it! Hope it helps make dinner a little easier and faster for all the peeps on the go! 

Hope you all had a BLESSED Christmas!!

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." Matthew 28: 19

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