Friday, December 9, 2016

FREEBIE, Giveaway, Collaboration, & Christmas Spirit

Hey everyone! Just a quick check in- this time of year is chaotic for all! Most of the following updates I already posted through my FB page, but in case you don't follow that, then here are some updates of the Beierleland world! 
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New song!!
If you don't follow my FB or Twitter (@blessedocdiva) pages then you might have missed the new song! So my third grade team and I were planning for the newest unit of study in January and it is mainly about character development, analysis, comparisons, and how our stories are like mountains. One of the third grade teachers started singing "She'll be Coming Round the Mountain" as a joke, but I took it a little seriously and got super excited and told them I'd make them a song for it! Well I went home and started singing and humming and I laid in bed thinking of all these lyrics and fell asleep only to not remember anything in the morning. *sigh* BUT, have no fear, I came home again with my voice memo and walked around the kitchen and created something better than the night before. 
I wanted it to be something they could easily teach and hit the concepts they were trying to incorporate. One of my 3rd grade teachers just so happens to live two houses across from me and once I finished we were in the street singing for all to hear haha. 
Even though it was created for third grade, it really could be used in multiple grade levels-even if taught in sections. :) At this point I have gotten over the embarrassment of singing-maybe from years of first grade or maybe just because I don't care because I am having so much fun creating and sharing. So with that said, feel free to use the download with your kids so you don't have to sing, or use it to model and then sing along! The link below will take you to the audio file and downloadable lyrics as seen here. 

You can also visit FB to listen to the song audio file before downloading below.
 (it was too big to load here)

Click HERE to go to TPT and download your FREE tune and lyrics!

So if you've known me for awhile, then you probably have figured out how important the element of collaboration is to me. #soapbox. I truly believe that we can not reach our full potential for ourselves but better yet for our students unless we are collaborating and sharing. I saw this quote and it just spoke to my collaboration soul. When I was team leader one of my goals each year was to make sure we were collaborating and adjusting our abilities. This field of education encompasses so many aspects and could very easily swallow your every waking hour. So why not spread that weight across people? Why not support each other? Why not help others? There are so many amazing ideas out there and so many different ways to teach concepts. Don't be an idea hoarder. Sometimes it may be hard to share because you may feel what you have to offer isn't worthy or people may not like it or use it, but the truth is how will you know if you don't share? 

Our third grade team has made their community area very festive for Christmas. They had the kids create little ornaments for the tree.  Funny story, I walked out of my office to find my crate of books had gone missing. I was like "Someone stole my crate!" I mean I guess they needed it more than I did. Well I walked into the 3rd grade community area and found it sitting under the tree with the books in it to help the tree stand. I found the culprit and thank goodness I love her ;) but actually we started talking and realized it was super cute under the tree and next year probably have books around it too! 

 I love using Vista-Print each year for our holiday cards. Well they always seem to get me at the end when I am checking out-kind of like the road to the checkout at TJ Maxx, Homegoods, or Ross. All those little fun trinkets and food they place in all the most convenient spots to tempt you on your way to checkout. Vista-print does the same thing! And of course I gave in and added to my order. I added a custom mousepad with my blog series and logo.

Lastly, Guess what is knocking on our door? 2017!! Can you believe it? It is that time you are hitting mid-year with the kids and you may want to update parents on student progress but you are short on time to hold 24 conferences all over again. That's what these progress notes are meant for! To give updates on all your kiddos right before holiday break, or even right when they get back! They are easy to fill out and cover behavior as well as academics. Easily adaptable to fit your needs! 
A winner will be announced Saturday!      
Go over to my FB page to enter asap! It is super duper easy in 3 steps!

Have a BLESSED weekend! Christmas break is SO close!!

"Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God."
2 Corinthians 7

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