Saturday, May 21, 2016

Are your anchor charts a hot mess?! Here's a solution!

Anchor charts! Love them! A definite helpful resource for the kiddos throughout the year. But also can be a pain to store. They can be big and slippery and good heavens don't roll them or you'll be sitting paper weights on them for a week to flatten them! 

EEK! seeing that picture gives me hives! Now I realize some teachers may not "keep" their anchor charts once they are made. However, I like to do a mixture of both keeping and re-making. I make a lot of charts in the midst of teaching and may end up "raffling" them off to the kids and not keeping them. But I also make a lot of "templates" ahead of time, laminate them, and then add in the info with dry erase or wet erase with the kids. 

SO what have I done? Saved those clear plastic hangers I get when I go shopping haha. 
I hole punch the posters I am keeping and put the rings through them to hang them on the hangers.

I categorize them by content area and then by objectives we teach together or back to back. 
Of course I need it to be color coded as well. 
I use these amazing labels:
They fit perfectly in the empty space on the hanger. I then tape over it to secure it a bit more.

Here are some close up's:

Now I can easily access all my posters and just pull the hanger I will be needing that week or month.

Phew! Anchor chart madness averted! Hope this helps! 

Have a BLESSED weekend! 

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