Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013

Oh summer! You are so close yet so far! I have 8 1/2 days left and like most, a million and one things to accomplish before we say our goodbyes. Honestly if I didn't have summer-i-tis I would keep my class this year forever! I LOVE THEM! I already have way too many things I want to do and get done this summer and it hasn't even started.

1. Have a real (longer than 10 minutes shovel it down my throat) lunch with my hubby!

2. Clean my house-I try to keep it up throughout the year, but summertime I get to deep clean and go through those piles I shove to the back of the closet.

3. Pinterest...ever heard of it? ha! I can not even begin to find a starting point for what to start DIY'ing from my boards, but I am determined to take one project at a time!
4. My TPT shop- I have a list of all the things I want to create or make better from the year and put in my new shop! I also want to spend time learning how to make my blog better and learn new tips an tricks! I also want to make new teacher blogging buddies who share the same love of teaching and creating I do. :)

5. Relax and read-I don't want to over do it this summer and forget about relaxing, helping others, and reading my bookshelf full of new reads. I want to strive to seek more and find ways to become a better wife, daughter, co-worker, friend, and sister.

Come on summer! 
What is your bucket list for summer 2013 ?

Monday, May 20, 2013


Since we are on the subject of chicks, I have put a few activities together to help the kiddos when learning about the chick life cycle. I love to try to integrate writing whenever I can so you can find writing and science as well as sequencing all together in this fun packet!
Click Here to grab it!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tweet Tweet!!

We have baby chicks!! More on the way too!!
 Wet feathers and alert!
 Getting dry and fluffy!
Isn't this a handsome little devil? Look at those colors!
I thought the kids would just explode from happiness when they heard they had hatched and then got to see them for the first time. I LOVE the sweetness and innocence these chick bring every year!
What do you do with the chicks you hatch? Take them home? Adopt them out? 

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Well this is my first post ever....totally clueless how this blogging thing works and now wishing I had gotten a degree in technology or had Kip here to help me. :P I hope to eventually get better and have some pride in learning the ropes myself. (paying someone to create my blog is looking really good right now) Please bare with me as I venture this new world :)