Thursday, July 30, 2015

#TexasSizeLinkUp Fun! Give-away! TPT sale!

Howdy ya'll!!
Get those summer brains ready to turn to the off position because ready or year is almost here!!

I am linking up in honor of the the #TexasSizeLinkUp hosted by The Little LadyBug Shop and Planet Happy Smiles!!

This week is about a BTS product! There are SO many things to do and think about with the first day, first week, first month....whole year!!

If you teach reading at all and have a classroom library I am sure you have struggled at some point with setting up your library, kids checking out books, how will that work? etc...
I can tell you my first year I was all over the place trying different strategies.
Well 8 years later, lo and behold, I have found something that has worked consistently for me and my kiddos! I don't always go based off the first year I try something new because it could go disastrous the very next year. I usually give it a bit to sink in, work out any kinks found early on, and let a few classes rotate through my doors to make sure I want to stick with that particular plan.

Once I finally got my library organized and labeled and found that system to have worked well I then moved on to the "how" my kids would check out books. Being the OCD  crazy person diva I am I wanted something that would not only help me keep up, but give some responsibility to my kids in an organized, manageable way. I did not want the class library to take control over our every waking minutes since there are many other important things to accomplish during the year.

Enter the Library Shopping Cards!

An easy way to manage their checkout time. They are simple simple to use, even a caveman can do it!
1. Print on cardstock and laminate for durability.
2. Use a wet erase or even a sharpie to fill out once you know your kids reading levels and what their "just right books" would be.
3. Kids can keep them at their desks, in a book bag, or even stored in a jewelry hanger.

You fill in the information based off of what you want them to get when they visit the library.
As you teach them how to do it, they really take ownership of searching for the correct books without feeling smothered but also gaining some ownership in their choices, even with some teacher parameters. They also get the opportunity to choose "free choice" books as well.
The wonderful thing is you can simply erase their info as they move up reading levels and the amount of books they can check out. It also divides them up during the week for their specific shopping days so they aren't all going at the same time.
Typically I have 3-4 kids on the same shopping day.

The levels I have on the cards are aligned to Fountas and Pinnell, however, I am more than happy to try to align it specifically for you in another way if you contact me.

On a side note- I have two carts of books in my library. Blue is the leveled books and Green is the free choice. I have written the level on the book in the top right corner of the books on the blue cart since these are the "just right books" they choose from. For the green cart in free choice I have written a number in the corner so they know what tub to put that specific book back in so there are no tubs overflowing.

 Unfortunately I do not have a picture yet of the green tubs. You can see them slightly in the picture. The labels on each bucket are like these below, but just with a number correlating to the number on the book. They are also divided up even further OCD  into categories:
-hard picture books
-soft picture books
-science (animals)
-science (earth) 
-SS (people)
-SS (land)
etc and so forth..

This has made it a ton easier to inventory when needed or when looking for a specific book. 

I really hope you find these helpful. Like I said, it has worked consistently for first graders!!
Oh I also have a "Library Expert" who goes once or twice a week to check the bins and turn the books to spines out as needed. Takes the pressure off of me having to do this as well!

You can find the cards HERE!

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Oh and one other thing!!! TPT is having a B2S sale starting Monday August 3rd until Tuesday August 4th!!! My whole store will be on sale too! You can get up to 28% off! Not too shabby. I already have my cart ready!!

"All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast out. " 
John 6:37

I love knowing this holds true! What comfort! No matter how my day is, the slips and falls I have in this flesh HE loves me! I accept HIM and he never will cast me out! Now that is some unconditional love that is insurmountable!!

Have a BLESSED weekend! 

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Currently July and some DIY!

Happy Humpday!!!

So I am linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade for July currently.
JULY? What the What????? *tears* July means one month of summer vacay has passed. July means I turn 30!? I still feel like a baby! July means Hobby Lobby already has Thanksgiving and Christmas decor out. July means I NEED to get into my classroom and start setting up stat!! haha....

Well here goes July...

I just noticed I forgot periods....sorry Jessica lol...I am way to lazy right now to go back and redo everything on the image so.....hashtagthestruggleisreal

I also wanted to add a DIY project I did and a quick recipe idea!

Recipe first: So, I don't ever eat enough fruits and veggies. I really want to but I just don't. We found some supplements that is packed with your daily serving plus some called Green Vibrance. We bought it at Vitamin Shop and loved it. Now at first I was mixing it in with cranberry juice, holding my nose and downing it. I am very weird when it comes to taste. It doesn't taste bad just like, well....grass...and healthy stuff, haha. So my sister told me about how they use it in their shakes! So my hubs and I started mixing it in with some of our favorites. I tell you it is SIMPLE and QUICK. exactly how I roll.
1.Get a mixer
2. Dump vanilla whey protein
3.Dump Green vibrance
4. Dump frozen fruit (your preference)
5. Pour almond milk (you could use water or regular milk or even low sugar apple juice)
6. Mix
7. Pour into your favorite glass
8. Enjoy! Grow muscles, get your servings of veggies and fruits. Oh and we also sometimes add chia seed too! But don't forget to check your grill after because those buggers get stuck!

Obviously, I don't have exact measurements ;) I imagine you could do like a half cup to a full cup of fruit, 1 scoop of the powders and add the liquid as needed. I am telling you when I am low maintenance on cooking....or mixing!

Hope you get to try it!

At church the other day some of the message was about thinking and listing out what you are thankful for. So I got this idea to create a little board that my hubby and I can write on to remind each other of those things! 

It was fairly simple really. 

Pick a frame that you would like to use.
I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the letters from my scrapbook paper. 
I also had some little tags and thingymahjigs (flower pieces) from my sister I added to it as well. 
Oh BTW be careful handling the glass of the frame...I dropped it on my foot with it landing on the corner on the top bone of my foot. It hurt....then my friend Jessica was like..."Are you bleeding!?" I didn't even see it until I looked down. It had cut through my sock....basically she became my nurse so I wouldn't faint, bless her! I'd post a picture but it was like the walking dead so....

Here is the final product!
We can now write at least two things each day! 

Sorry for the glare it was hard to take a picture with the lighting.

Before I go, tomorrow is the LAST day to enter the Raffle for my Responsive Readers pack to get it for FREE!!! Go here to enter!!!! Winner will be announced this week!

Oh and I will be having a sale too in honor of turning 30!! so look for that on TPT and my facebook page for deets!

Have a BLESSED night!!!

"Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name;make known among the nations what he has done."
1 Chronicles 16:8