Saturday, March 4, 2017

New Song & Editable To Do Lists!

Happy Sunday!
Quick check in today to share two new uploads that you might find helpful.

First up, a new song!! So I was in planning the other day with my 2nd grade team and perusing the information of the new unit they will be doing, which included a piece about celebrating reading. It basically said that when you love a book you can't just keep it to yourself that you want and need to share it, to give it away......boom enter my amazing singing talents haha!! I immediately busted out with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Give It Away song. They are not exactly a staple in my music list, but that song is pretty well known for that catchy chorus. Needless to say I went home on a mission to create a song based around it. And a day later here we are! So if you want to promote loving books and shouting it from the rooftops then this song is for you! It is only 54 seconds so quick, easy, and to the point! It is in a PowerPoint format so you can use presentation mode and the instrumental audio file is included.

Click HERE to grab yours! 

Click below to hear an example! Please no judgement, I am not vocally trained lol or I'd be getting paid the big bucks right?

Next up: EDITABLE To Do Lists!! Who doesn't love a to do list right?! I had created these over time for various reasons and decided to finally load them all and make a little packet. The headings are editable so you can personalize that part to your liking.
Click HERE to check them out! 

Have a BLESSED week ahead!