Friday, February 24, 2017

Prepositions, Homophones, Smartboard, & FREEBIES oh my!

Well hello there! It seems to have been awhile. I have been really good about posting over on my Instagram and FB blog pages and sometimes neglect this area, mainly because this takes a tad more time to get together. So if you have not followed me over yonder go for it! You will see more frequent posts and such! FB: The Blessed OCDiva Instagram: @theblessedocdiva

So today is really a dumping ground for most of what I have posted on FB and the Gram. 
Hopefully you can take something away by the end of it! 
Let's do this 5 for Friday Style!! 

Preposition Power!

So 1st grade started teaching all about prepositions!
You may have your own way of introducing and teaching prepositions, so I am just going to share a few things I have done in the past as well as the little project to wrap it up.
This book is ADORABLE! 
Image result for farm preposition book
I had a copy gifted to me last year from the book fair and I never got around to being able to read it to my kiddos since I moved out of the classroom, but the first grade teachers here borrowed it and said the kids LOVED it! yay!

My kids loved this little preposition song/video as well:

We would also act out prepositions using teddy bear manipulatives and plastic cups/bowls:
"Put your bear under..."
"Put your bear on top of..."

Kids can also use their bodies:
"Stand next to your chair."
"Stand between..."

 Here is the little project I whipped up for them to do as a little wrap up of their learning, as a quick check to see if they truly understood how to use a preposition besides just identifying it, and for them to use as an interactive word wall (the kids do all the work and can go back and reference it later. It holds more meaning since they are the ones applying it and creating it!) This also integrates writing as well! 

Supplies needed: 
Animal Crackers
Crayons,Pencil,Markers (if preferred)
Construction paper or plain cardstock (personal preference)

Students will get their blank piece of paper and an animal cracker. They will create a setting for their animal and then glue their cracker wherever they are choosing to use the preposition. They follow up with a sentence using the preposition and circling or highlighting the preposition they used! You could also elect for them not to highlight or circle and they can present theirs whole group or with a partner and the other kids have to find the preposition they used.
Look at these amazing products their kids created!! I loved being able to go into their classrooms and see it come to life! 

Here is a little video showing it as the full process!
Thank you Mrs. Tibbetts for letting me hover over your little friend ;)

I also created some fun packets to teach prepositions! There are 3 different themes! And one is a farm theme which goes perfectly with the above mentioned book and the animal cracker activity! 
Here is what is included in each pack:
It incorporates hands on activities as well as independent learning. Can be printed in B&W or Color! 

-interactive poster (background and character cut outs)
-anchor chart with list of prepositions
-student reference sheets for journals
-mini card anchor charts
-printables for practice or assessment
-mini booklets
-spin and cover game

Click HERE for Farm

Click HERE for Space

Click HERE for Ocean

I had posted over on FB about a little homophone craft my second graders did my first year of teaching. It works well with the month of Love, February! However, you could do it during other parts of the year if that is when you are teaching homophones. 
Here are a few of my ideas:
Christmas- snowflakes, ornaments
Fall- acorn, leaf, pumpkin
Spring- Egg, raindrop

One teacher in Cali had her kids complete it and here are her results! Super cute!

On my TPT I have a questioning response sheet posted, but also just recently added the Smartboard version of it too for anyone that would prefer it in that format! It is FREE (both versions are) so go grab them!! 

Third grade teachers were studying all about characters and the changes they undergo throughout the story. So I threw a little chart together for them to use to document that in their mentor text! 
This also went along with the song I made! If you missed that post you can check it out below:

Also grab the FREE audio file and document with lyrics to it HERE to do with your kids!

I was walking down the hallway yesterday and one of their kids walked out of their room singing the song and looked at me and said, "You wrote that!" "We just sang it once and it got stuck in our head!" Ha! so cute! That is the point my friend! 

I also just recently uploaded for FREE some reading bookmarks! 
Go grab them HERE

I have also really been enjoying making time for my Cameo projects and heat press. You can check out some of the work over at the FB page in my OCDiy album! I have been known to host giveaways and one was for one of the shirts I made! 

Well there is the melting pot of sorts for the past few weeks! 
Have a BLESSED weekend! 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Did someone say Smoothie?!

Wait no one said smoothie?! Well I did! Another easy, peasy, healthy recipe coming at you!

This actually came out to about 6 ingredients for me, but you may want to to use less than what I did if you prefer your smoothies a certain way! Some of these can be added or you can substitute something other words, some add in's are optional ;) 

Let's jump right in!
Gather all necessary items:
-Ninja blender (or your choice of blender)
-Cups (we prefer the Tervis cups because we make extra and freeze for the week and these work great)
-Vanilla Whet Protein
-Chia seeds (ground)
-1 bag Mixed Berry Frozen fruit (you can use fresh or even just one kind of fruit)
-Pom juice (I tried adding pom seeds last time and it was too hard to chew ha!) I use this sparingly when I do choose to use it.
-Greens (I use the ItWorks) This helps ensure I get my greens throughout the week too because, well, I am sometimes lazy motivationally challenged to take them daily. 
-Almond Milk

1. Throw in your fruit
2. Add scoops of Whey- I do about 3 full scoops mainly because I need the added protein during the week after hard workouts and I am dividing up this recipe to eat throughout the week.
3. Add in chia- I typically just pour haha, but you may want to measure out your preference.
4. Add in Pom juice- just a few tablespoons 
5. Add in Greens-5 scoops (the scooper on the It Works is tiny)
6. Add almond milk- I do not have exact measurements for this because we just add until it get about half way and blend then add more to make it more creamy)

Blend, Blend, Blend!!!

You may need to add more milk depending on how liquidy you like your smoothies. 

Disperse into cups for the week and freeze! I usually take it out in the am and let it defrost for about 2 hours and it can be a slushy consistency or if you leave it a bit longer it's "drinkable".

Check your grill after drinking though, Chia loves to stick and hide!! 

Hope you find this just as tasty as I do!

Have a BLESSED week! 

"But my God will supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:19