Friday, August 28, 2015

Classroom reveal...organization.....FREEBIES!

Happy Friday ya'll!! Welcome back up for air after a crazy non-stop week! We started back this week and it has been a whirl-wind week. Love the new little ones though!! They have given me some natural energy to teach with.
It is the 2nd Texas Size link up and I am happy to be a part of it with The Little Ladybug Shop and Planet Happy Smiles.

This week for me is going to be a little bit of everything! 
First up, some B2S uplifter ideas...I know I am a tad late posting this but maybe you can still find a way to utilize this now or even for next year! 
I made these little minions to just say welcome back! (please disregard the horrible need for a manicure) One of my minions got bruised in the transport home so sweet hubby ran back to the store and grabbed a few extra as back up plans..nobody wants a bruised gooey minion. 

Grab the tags HERE

I am also the lead mentor this year for the campus so I put these little snacks together for all my newbie teachers and the new to campus teachers. I just attached a small bag of goldfish! Easy and fun!

Grab the tags HERE

One organizational idea I have done the past few years has been with my dry erase markers. We as teachers know that these are cherished in the classroom and seem to mysteriously dry out quickly..
haha...well we don't actually ask for them on our list so I use funds to buy the good stuff..expo!
To help the kids keep up with their marker and for me to also see how long they are lasting I use small labels and write the kids "magic number" on them. I then just tape it to each marker. It really is fast. Eventually I also write the date (8/23...9/14 etc) on the label after the first time I have to replace them just to help me see how long they truly are doesn't grow on trees now..ha! I know, I know a little OCD much? Guilty...but it really does help keep the kids accountable as well not to just let the marker sit around open and airing out.

I also just went to Dollar Tree and picked up baby socks for erasers. They have lasted me like 5 years, no joke! I just take them home and wash them and they are good to go the next  year and are small enough to fit on their hands if needed. 
The kids store their marker in the sock and then inside their team tub at their tables. It makes it fast and easy to grab! 

I finally also got some of my Responsive Readers cards printed!!! You really never know how a product will look until you get it printed! Well I received the strips and I think I might like them!! I had them printed on cardstock so they will last longer and an amazing co-worker of mine laminated and cut them for me! I then just put them on a ring with the reading mini anchor charts. When a student or buddies need to respond to their books it is all in one spot!! Of course everything is color coded to help with finding the correct objective! 
You can check this pack out HERE!

Our campus has also gone full on Whole Brain Teaching!! I am excited about this especially since I have been using this for a few years now and have seen it work so well! I attended one of the training's this summer while Chris Biffle was in town and did learn about some other things I haven't tried out. Brainies!! Love love these!! I  am hoping to be able to post a video of one of my kids using them soon!! 
I put together a little cheat sheet resource based off what WBT already had. I just tailored the info to match what we will teach in first, slapped a cute cover together, laminated them on cardstock and put them on a ring! The teacher can carry this around if needed or the kids can refer back to it!

Ok so I may be a little late to the party for classroom reveal and mine isn't still a full reveal just bits and pieces, but I am sure you will get the idea! I finally found a set up I like and work wells so I have stuck with it for a whole 2 years now! WOOO! Give me until Christmas, I am sure I will find something to change up haha! 

This is right when you walk in my room. It is my happy spot! I have personal things that make me smile as well as where we start some of the postive reinforcements for the kids. Pebble jar, Tardy Tater, helpers, Super Improver Wall...(I posted about some of these things last year and how to use )
The orange folder file holder is where I keep their take home papers every week. Each kid has a numbered box. 

Next to this area are also our buckets for bucket filling! If you have never read this book it is a MUST! 

I have read it every year to start out my community in the classroom. The kids love it and really attach to the idea! All year long I will hear "_______ filled my bucket because...." and I will even get "_______ dipped a bucket...." haha we always end up discussing that. 
After reading, we make a chart with starter ways to fill a bucket. I then give each kids a sticky note and they write their name and draw a picture of a way they can fill others' buckets. I then have each kid stand up and share what they wrote to put on the chart. 
To help with oral language and get them feeling comfortable in front of the class they say..."My name is __________." We all respond with a big gestures wave and say "HI! _______" Then the kid proceeds to tell us how they can fill a bucket. 

Math Area:
This is where we do calendar and number of the day. I also have another wall adjacent that is empty for future anchor charts and the bookshelf of math manipulatives. I forgot to get that picture up close. Sorry!!
You can find the Number of the Day and Math Attitude Posters also in my TPT store.

I did get this shot of my ten frame boards I put on the shelf in the baskets. 

Fun Friday!!
I have posted before how I do Fun Friday in my classroom. This is the shelf of goodies. The black sorter is for the IPADS once I get them charged and ready to go!

Take home readers/Guided Reading:
I use this shelf for all the A-Z readers I use for take home readers. I also have my hats on the top shelf. I use these when I am reading with a group or student so the others know not to interrupt. I have different ones for various seasons and occasions ;) I scored big last year during crawfish season!!

I also have a smorgasbord of pencils!! This is not even the half of it! haha. I was blessed to be able to get these for the team for us to have to spoil the kids.

I don't really do a class store anymore. I mainly use coupons and intrinsic motivation haha..however, a sista's gotta have a plan b....I use this little cart to store other things I can use to celebrate birthdays, accomplishments etc. I know some people don't believe in giving prizes but it is fun to have some goodies stored to use as needed. Oh and I didn't spend a fortune either! A lot of it I have compiled from various sources and I eat kids meals A LOT so......

Teacher Area:
This amazingly, gorgeous rolling cart from Really Good Stuff is where I am keeping my weekly activities and my personal planning resources. 

 I have labeled each bin to quickly grab what we need during planning for different subject areas.

I also have my personal books I don't necessarily want floating around the room. ;)

Teacher Area 2:
I also have these wonderful rolling carts to store resources for other grading periods and extra supplies. 

I also organize my mentor texts and teaching books like this.
I group them by objective and then use binder clips to keep them together. It has made it really easy to grab books we can teach with while planning. 

I keep supplies I might need close by.
nurse passes, band-aids, coupons, etc.

I know everyone had the pretty typed labels for these sorters. However, I discovered the dry erase labels at Hobby Lobby one day on sale for like 1.00 so I grabbed them! The best part is they are removable and can be moved!!

Class library:
Some more carts from Really Good Stuff!!
I have leveled almost every book I own haha. Thank goodness for Scholastic's App!!

For my "free choice" and subject books that do not have a label I organized them with a number sticker on the corner of each book. This way the kids can easily put them back in the tub they got it! It has worked perfectly!! Now to perfect putting the spine out lol!

Writing Wall:
This is the wall where all our writing will go! 
Right now it is bare since we just started. I have put up my anchor charts I have made that are part of my "Wondrous Writers" pack. I have not yet been able to get them on TPT but will soon! I want them to be used in action first to show how it all works together! 
The tree is empty too right now, but when I read "Rocket Writes A Story" we will add pictures of things we can write about all around the tree like leaves. (example from last year)

Wow that is not even the entire room! I will post more as things get going in first grade this year! 

Once more thing before I go:
Hubby and I made this Pinterest recipe for breakfast the other day and I took pictures joking that I could probably post it as a Pinterest gone wrong recipe...but it turned out great!! 

Cresent Rolls
Bacon or Sausage or BOTH

Now pay attention this is where is gets complicated haha.
Unroll the cresent rolls
crack an egg on top (seriously though it is slip sliding everywhere so you may  have to bring that bad boy back onto the cresent roll)
Sprinkle cheese, sausage, bacon on top
Put in oven on 350 and bake about 10-12 minutes...
I even took one to lunch the next day and it was still good!

Ok I seriously need to not wait so long in between posts haha this one is a long one! If you made it to the end as with all my posts, CONGRATS! and good night haha. 

I hope you found a little something to take away! 

Have a BLESSED (and restful) weekend!!

"Gracious speech is like clover honey-good taste to the soul, quick energy for the body."
Proverbs 16:24

Friday, August 14, 2015

Five for Friday! with some FREEBIES

Hey Ya'll!
So it feels like I haven't blogged in forever...I have been up to my eyes in back to school work. One would think after 8 years it would get easier and easier. It does in a sense, but education is evolving so much, so quickly there is always new stuff to incorporate or learn. So with that said, I do not have a room tour quite ready yet to post, but it is coming soon!! Until then it is time for the Five for Friday with DoodleBugs!

Are these not the CUTEST!!!???
I found them at Costco and HAD to have them!! I am going to put them in a cup and let my BIP's choose one to use each day. They were only 19.99! Not too shabby!!

I got a new logo made!! My amazing friend Julie over at The Inspired Classroom created this for me! It couldn't be more perfect to fit me! She has a wonderful TPT shop too! Go check it out!!I am sure you will find something cute to go home with! 

So Mr. Tang himself made a visit to my school this past week. It was a wonderful training and provided all kinds of new information. It really opened my eyes to how different I was taught in math versus how we need to be teaching and reaching the little ones now. 
Some of my take away's:
-start with a 0-99 chart and have math talk discussions about what they notice.
What do you notice in the top row? Single digit
What do you notice in the second row? Double digit
-Giving the teens and other double digit numbers nicknames to help the kids understand and recognize the numbers and know the "why" behind the number.
EX: ten= one ten zero
eleven=one ten one
twelve=one ten two
34=three tens four
Even digging deeper and noting that 34 could also be two tens fourteen 
This making it easier eventually for them to regroup. 
MIND BLOWN! I mean for real! I can't even write all the amazing things he talked about. You literally need to be there in person to walk through it with him. 
I have already made some ten frame printables I will share later once I have used them in the classroom and can take pictures of them in action! 
I am also working on a "Renaming" matching game for first and second grade to help with this nickname business. 
Good news though he is traveling! If you go to his website Greg Tang Math you can see his schedule and get some amazing resources!! There are games and printables!

 He also has a word problem generator so you don't even really have to think and create your own. You just put in the parameters and BAM! You have a word problem for the kids to work on!

OH and an app you NEED to download is called Ten Frame Mania! I got to try it out and it really is fun and the kids not only would love playing it but it challenges them to think with ten frames and place value. You have to make the numbers in a ten frame that come out in red before it gets to the maze exit. The other levels progress and get harder. I can tell you though it will be addicting, but in an amazing math mania way!
Go download it NOW!!

I also created a little business card to give to my parents so they can keep updated on all things classroom! Under the "whiteout" boxes I listed my classroom phone and email. If you haven't checked out my Twitter or FB there it is!! I update those with pics, TPT and such easier and quicker sometimes than blogging.
I am printing them in color on cardstock and will probably add a little magnet to the back.

Last but not least, I also re-did a few of my tracking sheets. I go back and forth year after year trying to find the perfect way to organize and track the kids progress. I got to playing around with my templates and some other ideas I saw and kinda mushed it all together. 

First up was how I track their running records. I wanted something that I could record more than one book at a time to save paper. Basically I can print this two sided and get 5 running records on one kid! I want to be able to record the errors but also check off the things they are consistent at as well as items that need to be addressed still. 

Second thing was how I plan guided reading for each group. 
This will give me a baseline of the direction I am headed with each group, personal notes on each kid in the group,what strategies I need to address, and any comprehension questions I know I want to ask. 
I am really hoping I have finally found and created the resource I can use for a long time. I can't wait to try both of these out and make adjustments and tweaks if needed. 

Get a copy for yourself HERE and HERE
Everyone loves a FREEBIE!!

OH and while you are grabbing those go ahead and grab my Math Attitude Posters! They are free right now, but I will be adding to it and it may not stay a freebie forever!
Click HERE

Well thanks for getting all the way to the end. I hope you found something useful to take away. 
Come back soon for my room tour 2015-2016!
Here's a sneak peak.....

Oh wait not that just kidding....bahahah

Have a BLESSED night and weekend!!!

"The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still." Exodus 14:14

Wow isn't that the truth...and a struggle at the same time. Our human reaction is to feel like we need to always be the one "fighting", so we keep ourselves busy, moving, and constantly searching for answers. But if we just be still, God will help lead and guide us, along with fighting for us!