Saturday, April 25, 2015

2-D, 3-D, Fractions OH MY!

Ok ya'll finally I am finished!!! If you follow me on Facebook then you have seen my posts about a new packet I have been working on tirelessly for the past few weeks. I thought there is no light at the end of the tunnel, I kept getting ideas (usually when I needed to be falling asleep or at the gym) and felt like it just wouldn't be complete until I added them. I literally started with one page and that was all I intended to do was one page, for an assessment for my kids. Then everything just got out of hand! is now 108 pages! I don't normally take a project like this on during the school year but once I got it in my head and started jotting ideas down I didn't want to wait. I also wanted to offer it in three packs incase someone didn't want a certain section (2-d, 3-D or fractions) however, in my haste tonight as I was adding a few last pages and details I went to save it separately and accidentally forgot to hit save to the new version....needless to say I saved the old one. I have not been able to figure out how to recover that particular file.... soooo I ended up with the pdf of the entire packet bundled. For now, that is what will be uploaded and if/when I figure out how to recover what I lost I will upload in three separate packets. Until then, I do hope ya'll find the bundle worthwhile! 

This is not even the half of it! (no fraction pun intended lol)

Click HERE to check it out!

But here is an overview of what is included:

2-D shapes:
-anchor charts for each shape (square,circle, rectangle, triangle, rhombus,trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon,octagon)
-Memory match
-Book of shapes (this also integrates some fractions)
-Matching shapes
-Identifying sides/vertices
-Assessment/independent practice
-Roll and Cover
-Connect 4 spin and cover

3-D shapes:
-anchor charts for each shape (sphere, cube, triangular prism, rectangular prism, pyramid,cone,cylinder)
-Memory Match
-Find, Tally, Graph
-Name match
-Assessment/independent practice
-Sorting 3-D
-Attributes charts
-Roll, Slide, Stack chart
-Connect 4 spin and cover

-anchor charts (whole,half, thirds, fourths)
-Memory Match
- Bingo
-Equal/Unequal activities
-Spin and Cover
-Roll and Cover
-Assessment/independent practice
-Color fractions
-Spin and Color
-Find, Tally, Graph

We only have to teach circle, rectangle, square, rhombus, triangle, and hexagon for 2-D shapes. But in the packet I included extra shapes for anyone that has to teach more. I also included thirds for the fraction section as well. We only teach halves and fourths. I really tried hard to make this as well rounded as possible making it easy for any grade level k-2 to possibly get the most use out of it. There may be certain pages you don't need if you don't teach that particular objective, however, it is included in case you do ever need it! 

Feel free to click the link under the picture and go check it out. Please leave any feedback you think would be beneficial and if you have any requests or ideas for something send them my way! 

I am just guessing and totally not counting the days ;) but I thought I over heard that summer is almost here...maybe....don't quote me....I'm totally guessing... 27 days......or something...but whose counting?!

It was recently my hubby's birthday and we took the day off and just enjoyed ourselves. We went to a movie in the middle of the thing ever! We were the only ones in the theater! 
We also walked home with preparation for the movie....he now lives in our office.

In case you weren't aware, the husband does Cosplay with our friend Robbie. It is actually pretty cool and funny at the same time. Their goal is to get to California for the big venture and get myself and Robbie's wife to dress up with them. 

Here is a picture of hubs...he is Winter Soldier from Captain America

 Robbie and Keanan (Robbie is Star-Lord)

Feel free to check out their Facebook page if your into that ;)

Well friends I hope something peaked your interest this post..I will return with more before those (totally oblivious to the end of the year) 27 days are up. I plan to be a busy little bee this summer with new products and ideas! 

Have a BLESSED Sunday!

"But everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved." 
Acts of the Apostles 2:21

I felt this particular scripture was on my heart. I had a conversation today with my mother in law and have struggled with some things having to do with this verse. I have a very worried heart for others' eternity. One thing I struggled with is the day my grandma passed away a few months ago, while we were at the hospital I wanted to be able to ask her if she was still strong in her faith and still saved after all these years. I was not able to communicate with her about that so I asked my dad and he reassured me she was and knew exactly where she was headed. I felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off of me and my heart. I have dealt with death in my short time on this earth but that was the first time is was directly in front of me and someone I was so close to. I just wanted to be sure she had still "called upon the LORD".  As I pray you do too!