Tuesday, June 25, 2013

3 years!

Tomorrow is my hubby and I's 3 year anniversary! I can not believe it has been three years!

Us meeting and getting married truly was a path only God could have planned. Long story short: I had just gotten out of a broken engagement, 3 months before the wedding. I had no idea where to go from there and if I could even find someone out there that had the same morals and values I held so dear to me. Nevertheless, my mom and dad were very much hurt in the process as well and tired of seeing me sad. So what does my mom do? She types in "single Christian's in _______,Tx" Never in my life had I ever thought of online dating and my mom is not your techy person either that does internet stuff besides looking up recipes. She clicked on a site called "Christian Mingle" (you might have seen the commercials they have now) Little did I know at the time my future hubby's profile is the one she saw first! She calls me at 6:30am the next day telling me I have to check my email asap. I went off to work totally unfocused on that request. When I get home and finally decide to open the email. I pull up his profile and start reading through it. The more I read the more I am intrigued! Someone that has the same beliefs as me? The same morals? A broken engagement previously too?! He even has a cutey boxer to boot! Well of course I am now curious what this online dating thing is all about, especially if he is a Christian!
I sign up for a free account (because I am cheap financially conscientious.) Well with the free account you can't email or do much at all except wait until the person get online...so what do I do Friday night? Wait......and wait......eating in between waiting....FINALLY he is online!  What to say? How to say it? When to type? Can one person be so nervous over a computer screen? Well after I finally built up my courage and said something we ended up chatting over the IM for 2 hours! We talked everyday not sure whether to get each others digits because we were both shy and nervous. The more we talked, the more I grew to like this man. We had even both been saving ourselves for marriage!! I didn't know anyone else like that existed in the world. I told him we were like the last unicorn (movie reference) One thing lead to another after about a week he asked for my number and called me! I was sooooooooo giddy and scared! We talked on the phone many, many late nights and finally decided after awhile we could try skyping. Now things were really nerve-wracking! I mean now he could see me! What would I wear? How do I do my hair? my makeup? Do I sit and Skype, stand?

He was in Arizona at the time of all of this for his degree and little did I know he was originally from the city only 45 minutes from me!
We Skyped for about a month and a half until he was supposed to come home to visit his family for Christmas. Now we were really going to meet in the real flesh!! So my teacher friends and I held a countdown for the day we would meet and it was so exciting! When he finally came over to my house and rang the doorbell I thought I would faint. He came inside and I wanted to shake hands but he asked if he could hug me and let me tell you that was awkward for both of  us ha! We spent everyday he was in town for two weeks together! I even met his family and spent sometime over there as did he with my family! I just knew God was at work. Of course when he had to leave it was very sad and scary. (would he want to continue long distance?) Well he did! We made the best of it and he flew in once a month to see me :) There is nothing better than seeing someone you are falling in love with a the airport knowing they are there to see you! Finally after 5 months of all of that I decided on my spring break to fly out to see him in Colorado (he had moved there from AZ for the school assignment) Now let me tell you I do not fly...dislike it very much. He knew this and made me a book for flying! It was my "survival guide". He scrapbooked pictured of us from the time we met until then and put scripture inside as well. It was the sweetest thing EVER! Little did I know that when I got there 2 days into the trip I would be saying yes to a proposal on top of a mountain!
3 months after the engagement we got married! All done long distance until he could get done with his last school assignment and fly home!!!

I cried like a little school girl when my daddy walked me down the isle. It was a big moment for us me being his youngest daughter and I am very attached to my parents, I'll admit :)
Finally able to kiss my eternal groom! We did all our own vows together and texted them back and forth to practice them until that day and I still forgot some of them!!

This was quite embarrassing to us :) I wanted to put the garter on my ankle and my sister insisted it needed to go up further ha!

Off for the honeymoon! Talk about two nervous adults!
I look back as I type this out and can not but see God's hand in this relationship and in the path he chose for both of us. To come out of two broken engagements thinking God was the center of those relationships somehow when he was really working in others ways to save both of us for each other in more ways than one. I never would of thought I could be blessed with such a man after God's own heart. To look back now and be proud of the decisions we made separately (without even knowing we each existed in the world) to wait and preserve ourselves for the one God had planned as our life mate is very humbling. I am so happy to have spent the past 3 years with him and look forward to many many more! Even though it's been 3 years and we don't have all the years behind us (my parents have been married 38 years!! Such wonderful examples to us)we have learned so many things about love and marriage. God has to ultimately be the center of marriage for it to function and grow as he intended. We may not appreciate that everyday and need to work hard daily for each other, ourselves and others around us to set that example and seek forgiveness when we fall short.
I told you a short but sweet version if you can believe that! To think this is our little family now!

Need to give props to my sissypoo for being our photographer whenever we need her!