Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Currently...and Fruitcake!

Eons....that's how long I think it's been since I blogged...or even sat down to look at any blog,Pinterest, etc...soo yes this will be a fruitcake post...all kinds of "who knows what" thrown into one interesting blog post :P
I am linking up for Farley's Currently.....It's March!! How cray-cray is that?!(learned that new word from our friend Robbie)
Listening: Now that we are settled into the new place and his computer is set up he has started the gaming again....which is cool, gives me time to work on things and blog!!
Loving: God has really showered blessings on us so far this 2014...I am working hard to keep focused on that and give thanks daily..even if something doesn't go right or feels unfair..."Give thanks IN all things not just FOR all things"
Thinking: Man I have slacked off the blogging, especially taking pictures of classroom happenings and ideas....between moving, moving and well moving it has been hectic...not having internet for a month was interesting...not sure how we all survived without it back in the day. ;P
Wanting: The office has become a hoarding room...although to some it would look amazingly clean and organized...to the OCDiva, not so much....really though there is stuff on the floor and everywhere! Here is a picture to prove I'm falling off the wagon..

Needing: Mainly time to complete the projects around the house.
?????: Your kids may have commented on this at school, or maybe sang it to you :)
We gave our teamie a wedding shower today in honor of her getting married on Saturday...since she is from Louisiana and today was Mardi Gras it was perfect timing!

This is a blast from February 14th to be exact...I got to wear my cute little Owl apron for our V-day party! No we didn't cook, I just like to sport it because it's so stinkin cute!
I had something really amazing happen last week as well. I got teacher of the year!! It was such a wonderful experience, after my principal told him my hubby invited my family to come surprise me and it was such a blessing. I cried like a baby of course and I feel so honored, I work with some amazing people!

Ever since I started teaching I have always wanted to keep a log of all the funny things my kids say...I always seem to forget to write it down...but I have started to and I have a funny for the day!
- So we are working on our interview books we are writing about a partner in class. One of my sweeties raised his hand and said "Oh I love to write! I could write everyday, I want to go to writing station everyday!"
Of course that is exactly what you want your kids to say every day..so 3 hours later when we were working again I called him over and said "Hey would you like to go to writing station and finish any writing piece you have started since you were so excited today."
His response to me: "Nah I'm over it now."
Alrighty then :)
Now that I am rockin and rollin with internet I will be back soon for more....I also have 3 pages worth of stuff to create for TPT...hopefully can get to starting that over spring break and definitely summer!
Ya'll have a BLESSED rest of your week ahead!!
"We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps." Proverbs 16:9