Sunday, March 30, 2014

Five for Friday..if I can make it!

So it is 11:50 so that means I only have 10 minutes to get this post written to make it for the Five for Friday officially on Friday...I have a feeling it might be a 5 for Saturday, and I have a million things since I wait until I have a million things to post :P so it will be overflowing past 5 oh and in completely random order....well here it goes!

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We have been learning about adjectives! So in order to check their understanding in a free response way I had them draw their favorite animal (since this is something they connect with easily) around the animal they had to write adjectives that described that animal and then pick one of those adjectives and write a sentence with it. I tell you what I have some budding artists in the room! They are only in 1st grade!!! I need lessons!
We got a beta...last one we had last year died :( after 2 days...I went to the store and bought him pretty's for his tank and then he I gave the prettys to my partner teacher, but I think I jinxed her with bad fish karma because she took hers home while we had an extended weekend and went to go clean his tank and dropped him in the kitchen sink :( on the disposal side...'nough said! I kid her that she let him "slip" onto that side...Well we will see how long I can go this year keeping him alive. So far we are at a week now! The kids named him "Tank"...I got all kinds of names like "Max, John...." but I just can't seem to name him a human name...

We've also been learning about plants...we started the anchor chart one day slowly making our way up until we finished it, reading books along the way. They seem to think that is professional artwork, oh why I love little's.

Continuing with plants, one of my teamies had this idea she used at her previous school for a little homework activity. The kids found a flower and taped it onto a paper. They labeled the parts we have been learning about and then wrote the function of each part. I think it was great! Such a good hands-on activity.
Click HERE if you'd like a parent letter to send home!

So Friday was "Something on a stick" day :)
Can you say awesome!!! Our admin is AMAZING, I am sure I have mentioned that before. There were giant Pixi sticks, fruit kabobs, cake-pops, dum dums, corn dogs from Sonic oh and these cute flowers, but I asked before I took one and they were not for the taking haha, they were so pretty and they were technically on a stick too :P

At the end of the day I was getting a bit sluggish so I downed a 20oz Spark!! Let's just say I was so motived I re-organized my closets and then stayed up until 12am doing lesson plans for 3 weeks ha!! I mean I am normally crazy when it comes to organizing and planning but this was me on overdrive seriously.
A couple more things past the "5":
One of my friends made this adorable picture of "The Lego Movie" for her binder. I was cracking up!

My class might also need another lesson as to how to use the "lost and found" bucket in my room. Look closely....real you see it? YES it is a Band-Aid...WHAAAAA? Seriously people...and if you can't tell it is NOT in its wrapper sooooo...I pretty much dumped that whole bucket in the trash!!

I came home to find this awesome picture the builder of our new house left us. Its hand drawn and I can't wait to hang it up! It is such a good memento :) 
NEW BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes 34 of them!!!! Brand spankin' new!! So many good ones I can't even process where to start! The best part is they are all content books so I can actually teach-teach with them for specific curriculum and objectives.
Hubs and I took a walk today downtown and it was so nice!! Brought back good memories of my home-town and those simple days before adult-hood :)

Guess what? It's much for my 5 for Friday or even 5 for Saturday! Haha!! The good news is I finished the post and it isn't the new week just yet.
I hope ya'll all have a BLESSED week ahead!!!
"Those who accept my commandments and obey them are the ones who love me. And because they love me, my father will love them. And I will love them and reveal myself to each of them."
John 14:21


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Done! Doggies! Devotion! Decor!

*kaboosh!* Do you hear that? That is the sound of my thoughts exploding. I finally finished my essays for Teacher of the Year...14 pages later! I haven't written that formally since college. I have always loved to write but over the years when time has become more fleeting I lost track. Having to do these essays has inspired  me to get back to that :) I struggled with writers block all spring break. That is a frustrating feeling especially when you have all these thoughts jumbled and you know what you have to do but just can't get it out. At lunch with my hubby we prayed God would guide my words and he did!!! Imagine that! I even finished without taking a break. I think I will reward myself...with carbs and sugar :P

So onto the real reasons I am here today...nothing school related unfortunately since we have had spring break I haven't been doing much other than essays...

So my sissypoo (sister) is a very very talented photographer ( you can check out her site: however, she is not taking any more weddings so she started a new company!!! Presenting:
-Eco Friendly pet beds-

Are you tired of replacing your pet beds constantly because they don't last or don't wash well and ruin them over time? Well announcing the best beds EVER! I promise I am not biased! I actually got the chance to help make the beds last summer....yes Texas....which makes for less than desirable conditions (right Holly?;) )
I am lucky enough to own three of the beds for our little babies and they LOVE them so much!!! They are way comfortable (I have tried it out myself) and eco-friendly!! They also are so easy to take care of! Basically you pick the size of bed you need and then pick a fitted type sheet covering to make it cuter! When it needs to be cleaned all you have to do is pull off the sheet and throw it in the need to lug the whole thing..and even if you had to (as I did for my small pup who can't contain his bladder) it washes so easily and doesn't ruin the bounce or make of the bed at all. If you have pets you need to check out the whole line. I promise you won't be disappointed and your animals will feel like they are laying on cloud 9! Did I mention they are made right here in the good 'ol U-S of Holly herself..and me when I am off for the summer ;) It's always good to know where your products are coming from and what care is taken to ensure good quality!! So head over to her site and see for yourself, you might even see my babies hanging out on them!

Onto other happenings.. So my growth group got a chance to go visit this event called "Compassion International" Here is a synopsis from their site about what they do: "Christian child advocacy ministry that releases children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enables them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults." So they set up their event out here and we got to go through this set up using headphones and an Ipod. As you walk through the child they are discussing talks about their life and the hardships they are facing. They also talk about the family that has sponsored them and you get to see real pictures and letters from their interactions. At the end you can decide to sponsor a child yourself. It is VERY moving. To imagine how many children there are out there in less than desirable conditions and not always given the opportunity to seek Jesus and know him. However, through this program it gives them a chance!!! It's UH-MAZING! I found like 10 kids I wanted to sponsor!! Sadly, I can only choose one right now and I am praying the two I found are still available. I have always felt that God wanted me to be able to reach out further than just my little existence here, and I pray this is an opportunity to do that and grow with my hubby and the child we hopefully get to sponsor. You always wonder where your money is going when you give to something, its a natural thought, but I really believe this organization is worth every penny. Just hearing the stories and seeing the faces and reading the letters proves to me they are making a difference in these kids lives and being able to being God into their lives and change it forever!! Here are some pictures from the day.

I hope you visit their site and just explore.
On a random note, since I have been trying to decorate the new crib I just had a random idea to store the toilet paper in the powder room :) I have an antique table and a super cute birdcage and           Waa-Lah an adorable alternative to storing the TP!

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace.
1 Peter 4:10

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Currently...and Fruitcake!

Eons....that's how long I think it's been since I blogged...or even sat down to look at any blog,Pinterest, etc...soo yes this will be a fruitcake post...all kinds of "who knows what" thrown into one interesting blog post :P
I am linking up for Farley's Currently.....It's March!! How cray-cray is that?!(learned that new word from our friend Robbie)
Listening: Now that we are settled into the new place and his computer is set up he has started the gaming again....which is cool, gives me time to work on things and blog!!
Loving: God has really showered blessings on us so far this 2014...I am working hard to keep focused on that and give thanks daily..even if something doesn't go right or feels unfair..."Give thanks IN all things not just FOR all things"
Thinking: Man I have slacked off the blogging, especially taking pictures of classroom happenings and ideas....between moving, moving and well moving it has been hectic...not having internet for a month was interesting...not sure how we all survived without it back in the day. ;P
Wanting: The office has become a hoarding room...although to some it would look amazingly clean and the OCDiva, not so much....really though there is stuff on the floor and everywhere! Here is a picture to prove I'm falling off the wagon..

Needing: Mainly time to complete the projects around the house.
?????: Your kids may have commented on this at school, or maybe sang it to you :)
We gave our teamie a wedding shower today in honor of her getting married on Saturday...since she is from Louisiana and today was Mardi Gras it was perfect timing!

This is a blast from February 14th to be exact...I got to wear my cute little Owl apron for our V-day party! No we didn't cook, I just like to sport it because it's so stinkin cute!
I had something really amazing happen last week as well. I got teacher of the year!! It was such a wonderful experience, after my principal told him my hubby invited my family to come surprise me and it was such a blessing. I cried like a baby of course and I feel so honored, I work with some amazing people!

Ever since I started teaching I have always wanted to keep a log of all the funny things my kids say...I always seem to forget to write it down...but I have started to and I have a funny for the day!
- So we are working on our interview books we are writing about a partner in class. One of my sweeties raised his hand and said "Oh I love to write! I could write everyday, I want to go to writing station everyday!"
Of course that is exactly what you want your kids to say every 3 hours later when we were working again I called him over and said "Hey would you like to go to writing station and finish any writing piece you have started since you were so excited today."
His response to me: "Nah I'm over it now."
Alrighty then :)
Now that I am rockin and rollin with internet I will be back soon for more....I also have 3 pages worth of stuff to create for TPT...hopefully can get to starting that over spring break and definitely summer!
Ya'll have a BLESSED rest of your week ahead!!
"We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps." Proverbs 16:9