Monday, July 28, 2014

Coupons for class management

Hi friends!
So I am popping in very quickly to share a new fun product I added to my store. :)
Here is a quick description from TPT and the pack!
How I use these:
1st grade is a pivotal year. We have so much to cover in a small amount of time. In my class we work really hard every day of the week. However, I do like to declare Friday a “Fun Friday”. Basically if my kids work really hard Monday –Friday morning they can earn their way to Fun Friday that afternoon. If they have finished all the work I have asked to be complete on time by Friday and their behavior has been good then I give them a “Fun Friday pass”. They love coming in on Friday morning or even after specials on Friday to find a pass on their desk. Once Fun Friday begins they bring me their pass (coupon) and can begin their “Fun Friday”. Some options I have are: free draw-playdough-legos-puzzles-computer-Ipads-games etc. Hopefully you can find these useful as well to motivate your students!

I do print and laminate these so they can be used over and over J

I hope you can find these useful in your own classroom! My kids loved them last year and I was only using old cut construction paper then haha, so now that they are "cutesified" they are sure to be a crowd pleaser ;)

Click HERE to check them out

Now off to be productive! I have SOOO much to do I need to be on hyper drive! 

"For the word of the LORD hold true, and we can trust everything he does. He loves whatever is just and good.;the unfailing love of the LORD fill the earth." Psalms 33:4-5

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mission Organization!!!

Hey Ya'll! So I am pretty sure just from my blog name you gather the fact that I am just a tad particular about certain things...hmm maybe organization is one of those. Since I heart organizing so much (home and school) when I saw this linky from A Modern Teacher I knew I had to link up!

I started thinking about which part of the house has organization...well all of it! So I narrowed it down and came up with my office. I knew I had something in the office that was organized and I thought would be "share-worthy".
Unfortunately, I do not have a before picture of what it looked like before I got my OCD hands on it. So just for ya'll I recreated the scene ;P Trust me when I say this was very difficult to do haha.

I know probably all of have those instruction booklets that come with anything electronic you buy whether it be for the kitchen, office, garage, TV,etc..well if you throw the box out then you are left with that booklet incase you need it one day. Where to put it? In a drawer? Thrown in the closet? The answer to those questions is (what my dad liked to say to me when I wanted something I couldn't have)  NEGATORY! First of all, you will be digging and rummaging around looking for the tv manual that's laying at the bottom of the closet or drawer mixed in with the manual for the weed-eater. WASTE. OF.TIME. and we all know you have much better things to be doing :)
Hopefully this will make your life easier and more organized! The other great thing is there is not a lot of work to it and it's budget friendly.
Go grab a Sterilite tub. You can get them practically everywhere. 
Then go to any office supply store and grab these plastic envelopes. Some have the string tie and some have a clasp. Either one works, although the clasp kind (not pictured here) is a bit faster to close but regardless you will be saving time just doing this ;)
Then sort all of your manuals by "area" of the house or content. For example, in my picture  I have kitchen booklets and then small electronics. Some others I use are "TV, printer, computer", "outdoors", etc. You get the picture..and you can separate them however you like and what works best for you. 
I made a quick label on my nifty label maker and slapped it on! 
BAM! Now if you need to grab the booklet for your Keurig quickly all you have to do is grab the kitchen envelope and pull out the booklet! It has also really helped when I want to give something away or sell something I can easily get to the manual to include it. :)

I hope this helped a bit and gave you a new idea! 
Now I have to go pick up the mess I made recreating the "before" picture, or I may not sleep tonight ;)

"But to you who are willing to listen, I say love you enemies! Do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who hurt you." Luke 6:27-28

(wow something that is hard to do as an imperfect person on our temporary home. But a great reminder to try with all our might.)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Five for Friday!!

Happy Friday Ya'll!! I'll be honest in the summer I literally loose track of the days of the week if I am not wearing my watch or looking at my phone, I know ya'll feel me. It's nice sometimes but man it makes me feel insane too!
Well I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for the Five for Friday!

 World Series of Dog Shows! 
I helped my sister with her Dream Doggy Booth for a few days this week. It was so much fun! 

Before...all lonely and empty.

After!! BEAUTIFUL and sleek!

 Is he not the CUTEST?! I want him! Shhh don't tell my other babies ;P There were WAY too many dogs to show! They were all so cute!! 
Lovely weather to drive home in...:(
 And yes thank you for the two hour traffic as well on top of that weather! Did I mention how much I loathe traffic and driving in the city...this is why I don't do it! EVER..only to help a sista out! 

Project Math stations: So I went to a training at the beginning of summer for math stations. I got all motivated, ran up to school and lugged all my math games home. I started with this..many crates of filed games.

I pulled them all out of their files and put them in bags with the appropriate items needed to play the game.
I then pulled out all of my original files for the games and organized them in my binder. Eventually I will have to add a binder because this one filled up very quickly, but it definitely is much more of a space saver than those crates.
I typed up a cover listing all the objectives the binder had in it.

   I then filed each original file within the appropriate objective tabs.  I really like how its organized now and will make it much easier to grab and go.

I adore CHEAP school goodies. 
I picked these packs of stickers up at Michael's for a whopping BUCK! Yes a DOLLA..Holla!
I use these in writing for sticker story. I let them chose 1-2 stickers and they then write a story and create a setting. They love it! They love stickers in general, but it really motivates them to write too! During the holidays I let them use the Thanksgiving and Christmas ones too. 

These cuties I got at Target for .74 cents! I am going to put them in my treasure chest :)
I know I broke the bank on these items, but sometimes you just have to splurge!

Not much on this...except that I want to decorate a wall like this. The End. 
(I can't for the life of me find the source it was saved to my desktop)

I see everyone already able to go up to their rooms to "play" and I can't yet. :( boo. I feel so empty haha...I am usually up there by now arranging and getting organized. I can't wait to get up there and take some good pics to post as I prepare for another year! Wow I can't believe that! Until then I will work from home.

I also need to purchase my Adobe to finishing editing another goody and my trial ran out so soon I will post about some FUN Friday tips I use in the classroom. 

Next week I have a 4 day training for reading workshop. I hope to gather many tips and ideas!! 

"Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name. Let all that I am praise the Lord;may I never forget the good things he does for me." Psalms 103:1-2

This is such a powerful verse. I feel like if I do not praise his name and spread his word I am falling short. To always be grateful, thankful and aware of his many blessings is something I constantly try hard to fill. As a human and a sinner I will fall short but to be able to run to HIM and know he loves me and sees me through forgiving eyes is comforting and reassuring. 
Love one another-there are too many negative and sad things in the world around us. Help to spread his good news and love and focus on the positive. Even when things are negative, he is there to pick you up, and to be able to surround yourself with others that know that too is powerful. But don't forget about the ones that aren't quite there yet, sometimes all they need is a little push and the hands and feet of Jesus. :)

Have a BLESSED weekend!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Currently July and new product

Welcome to July people! Can you believe it? I mean really can we send a memo to time to maybe slow down a bit...I remember when I was little time would D-R-A-G, I wanted to be able to stay home alone, eat whatever I want, not take naps (oh how I misjudged those) get my driver's license, go to college, graduate, have a real job (ha! little did I know the reality and responsibilities of adulthood), get married etc!!! Time never moved quick enough! Now I want it all back! I want it to slow down!
I thought this was funny when I saw it and probably will want to buy it ;)

So instead of taking a nap I am going to link up with Farley for Currently July!

Listening: at that particular moment it was Imagine Dragons, but I have my phone on Itunes radio so it changes artists :)

Loving: Hubs! It was our 4 year anniversary on Thursday!! What a blessing he has been!!

Time to create!!! Oh how I love my new Silhouette Cameo!!! AHHH I am slowly learning how to use it and the first time I printed and cut well it was a disaster, I picked a picture that had a million pieces and didn't realize it would actually cut EVERY detail if I didn't edit it....I spent the next 25 minutes trying to pick it all up off the sticky mat :/ BUT I googled some more videos (isn't YouTube awesomeness?) and finally figured out some settings! Voila my project that worked! I was so excited. I see a lot of projects in the future! 

Thinking: On Saturday one of our dogs suddenly became very very ill. Like in a matter of 10 minutes! We rushed him to the vet and stayed there 3 hours and $350 later didn't have a real answer, although the vet was VERY thorough and helpful. Long story short, we think he had a heart attack and possibly found a tumor in his abdomen :( It got so bad we thought we might have to put him down. We prayed for him, and over him SO much! We haven't been through something that serious since being married, we both agreed it really brought us closer. We definitely leaned on each other and prayer. We really trusted God's will would be done and accepted (VERY hard to accept he might be taken from this earth) whatever the outcome.Lots of tears and lack of sleep later we decided to give him another day to see if he would recoup and PRAISE GOD he did! It still is sitting with us but everyday we've seen improvement. Now we have to really monitor him and his activity level. Our other pup Max is kind of sad he can't rough house anymore :( 

Wanting: Something unhealthy! Oh how I have tried to be sooo good. We have a cruise coming up and I know I will probably put myself in a 24 hour food coma on the ship (room service anyone?)! I don't want to feel like this...

Needing: Yes my nails....I "accidentally" chewed them off again (AWFUL habit) and now trying to grow them back so I am not completely ashamed when I go get them done...I don't think they can do nubs...haha

4th plans: We are seeing my parents  and grilling out! It's my birthday on the 5th so we are celebrating together!!! I am going to be 22 :P (you know the whole time discussion we had above? I am winding back that clock haha)

My friend Alissa and I FINALLY finished our wreaths we have been working on for eons. Supposedly the YouTube video we watched was a "ten minute" wreath...not for beginners people.

So since I have been home watching over our little Buddy baby I have had some time to work on some labels for math rotations. I went to a guided math training recently and got real motivated! I wanted to go ahead and make the label cards I will use for the math rotation chart. I included various types so the could cater to different people's preferences. Maybe you will find them helpful! 

Click HERE to check them out in more detail!

Well that's me currently~ If I don't blog again in the next couple days..I hope everyone has a BLESSED 4th of July!!!

" Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and make me willing to obey you." Psalms 51:12