Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mission Organization!!!

Hey Ya'll! So I am pretty sure just from my blog name you gather the fact that I am just a tad particular about certain things...hmm maybe organization is one of those. Since I heart organizing so much (home and school) when I saw this linky from A Modern Teacher I knew I had to link up!

I started thinking about which part of the house has organization...well all of it! So I narrowed it down and came up with my office. I knew I had something in the office that was organized and I thought would be "share-worthy".
Unfortunately, I do not have a before picture of what it looked like before I got my OCD hands on it. So just for ya'll I recreated the scene ;P Trust me when I say this was very difficult to do haha.

I know probably all of have those instruction booklets that come with anything electronic you buy whether it be for the kitchen, office, garage, TV,etc..well if you throw the box out then you are left with that booklet incase you need it one day. Where to put it? In a drawer? Thrown in the closet? The answer to those questions is (what my dad liked to say to me when I wanted something I couldn't have)  NEGATORY! First of all, you will be digging and rummaging around looking for the tv manual that's laying at the bottom of the closet or drawer mixed in with the manual for the weed-eater. WASTE. OF.TIME. and we all know you have much better things to be doing :)
Hopefully this will make your life easier and more organized! The other great thing is there is not a lot of work to it and it's budget friendly.
Go grab a Sterilite tub. You can get them practically everywhere. 
Then go to any office supply store and grab these plastic envelopes. Some have the string tie and some have a clasp. Either one works, although the clasp kind (not pictured here) is a bit faster to close but regardless you will be saving time just doing this ;)
Then sort all of your manuals by "area" of the house or content. For example, in my picture  I have kitchen booklets and then small electronics. Some others I use are "TV, printer, computer", "outdoors", etc. You get the picture..and you can separate them however you like and what works best for you. 
I made a quick label on my nifty label maker and slapped it on! 
BAM! Now if you need to grab the booklet for your Keurig quickly all you have to do is grab the kitchen envelope and pull out the booklet! It has also really helped when I want to give something away or sell something I can easily get to the manual to include it. :)

I hope this helped a bit and gave you a new idea! 
Now I have to go pick up the mess I made recreating the "before" picture, or I may not sleep tonight ;)

"But to you who are willing to listen, I say love you enemies! Do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who hurt you." Luke 6:27-28

(wow something that is hard to do as an imperfect person on our temporary home. But a great reminder to try with all our might.)